What is it? It’s a combination of Hindu and English.

“Depreciation nikal diya, assets ko less ho gaya”
removing depreciation reduces assets.

The NYT has a very interesting article on the Indian educational system. In some ways, the article highlights what many people who have had to deal with call centers in India have realized — the workers are robotic, the customer service skills are not there and their accents are difficult to understand.

A few of the comments could also mirror what happens in many Kenyan schools –the emphasis on rot memorization and complete deference to teachers. However, I still think Kenyans by and large, have a much more friendly demeanor –we like to crack jokes and have a good time and this breaks down the military style initiation we receive in school.

According to the NYT, “Rote memorization is rife at Indian colleges because students continue to be judged almost solely by exam results. There is scant incentive to widen their horizons — to read books, found clubs or stage plays. {What you end up with are}…smart graduates who lack qualities like poise, articulateness and global exposure.” I’ve been talking about this for months and months. They can do the math and science, but they can’t communicate.

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  1. Pimpin Curly
    May 5, 2009 at 1:17 am


    I don’t know what to say… Obviously its not good for the Indian economy..

    But the real question should be .. how many East Indians graduate from Western Unversities every year… Even the graduate students… They are millions….

    I applaud the ones… that will get the first degree for cheap in India and get a graduate degree abroad… Obviously… you get the global experience that way.. It cheaper…

    I feel this article is a plot to undermine the education taught in India … A lot of the stuff they say… is not true all across the board..

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