Raila is a cold, calculating, evil man

A second MP has been shot.  This time, the murder is being attributed to a lovers spat.  He was having an affair with a policeman’s wife and according to the New York Times: “Mr. Too was driving in his car with a female police officer whose boyfriend was also a police officer. The boyfriend drove alongside them on a motorcycle and shot and killed both”. This is a classic crime of passion.

I don’t know why Muletsus Were was shot.  I think it had more to do with the violent thuggery that has defined Eastlands politics for years (Eastlands is a rough neighborhood).  And Were was a Bukusu.  Bukus’s voted for Kibaki.  He was married to a Kikuyu woman.  It makes no sense for Kibaki’s government to want to kill such a young, untested parliamentarian!

This idea by Raila that Kibaki is trying to kill his way to a majority in parliament is crazy and it is where Raila’s evil treachery comes into play.  He is using these deaths to score political points and to spur continued violence (he knows these deaths are not connected to Kibaki!!).

Look at his speech right after Were’s death:

**Raila’s Hyperbole: An emotional Raila eulogised the slain MP, saying his life and blood would not go in vain. “His blood will water the tree of liberation… we will walk tall and stronger, we shall plant a flag on top of the mountain to remember him … Were shall be remembered … we will remember you brother.”  Please Negroe , please.

Raila and Ruto have decided that if they don’t get power, they are going to plunge the country into chaos (but of course, they will not do the fighting; they’ll get others to do it for them).  I believe Kibaki is being told to forget about negotiating with these two thugs.  They must fight them to the end and bring them down (with the ultimate knockdown reserved for  William Ruto).

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  1. oluoch
    October 23, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    To MT,
    you ought to be SHOT alongside Raila.
    By your own admittance you’re amongst those idol, thieving, ngeta, waste of oxygen, wrongfully concieved, muthafuckaz that plundered this country into death and destruction.How does your mother stand the sight of such a devilish mass of SHIT!How do you know Raila, so that you’re so stupidly passionate about his worthless, self-satisfying course?do you think he cares whether you’re dead or alive?so why is kibera still among the poorest, most degradable places to live and yet it is infested by his so-called beloved luo community?what sort of leadership is that, asshole?is that you what you are fighting for?deplorable living conditions and abject poverty?are you so inherently stupid or just a young tribalist with his not head, but with a birth defect of his brain up his ass!!!what has raila done for his own people except enrich himself and afterwards refer to you as ‘wajinga’ and rightfully so!
    Once again, you should be SHOT in the nuts, then injected with mercury in the dick!and left to live it out!!For all those innocent people who died coz of pompous selfish pigs like our politicians and fucked up, mad, satanic followers like you.
    Trust me when i tell you that whether you really did take part in hurting and annihilating fellow human beings, just the celebration of such a heinous act will bring curses on you your family and generations to come.So while you threaten others with murder and ending their generations, yours shall surely continue albeit with agony, disease, poverty, and torment.Crippled and diseased such will be the way of your family and generations to come.
    So you offspring of the devil, you who sprang from satan’s loins, threaten, steal and murder, (worse still for a man you hardly know) and wait for the pain and torture that will beset your family and generations to come, for truly there is a God and it isn’t raila!

  2. oluoch
    October 23, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    In terms of bonalnoy erudition – grammotno done!

    He who started this post by saying all that crap about The great and wise man is a very lucky person………..this is because ‘we’ “who did all that then”( ie. Took part in the third and final liberation of Kenya’s democracy) do not know where you stay or how we’ll get u. Because we can uproot your house just like the railway and poison your water tank so that you do not get to see your third and fourth generations…..we did it before…we can do it again!!! Never and I mean never..call Raila evil…he is the political messiah of this country (not being blasphemous) and he will deliver this country from political insanity… Hit me!!!

    He who started this post by saying all that crap about The great and wise man is a very lucky person………..this is because ‘we’ “who did all that then”( ie. Took part in the third and final liberation of Kenya’s democracy) do not know where you stay or how we’ll get u. Because we can uproot your house just like the railway and poison your water tank so that you do not get to see your third and fourth generations…..we did it before…we can do it again!!! Never and I mean never..call Raila evil…he is the political messiah of this country (not being blasphemous) and he will deliver this country from political insanity… Hit me!!!

  3. hadassah
    July 14, 2010 at 7:02 am

    For some strange reason, procrastination I think, I read through this blog today. Unsurprisingly, two years down the pike, the political fundamentals appear pretty much the same despite the many and messy alliances that keep popping up and dying out. I’m concerned that a new constitution (or even a new ‘dear leader’)might not solve this problem, all on their own. As horrifying as it may sound, some kind of social and political engineering may be necessary. Something akin to what Mwalimu did in TZ. Something really profound and sadly not necessarily ‘democratic.’ I dont know what it would be.

  4. capitalist
    June 4, 2010 at 5:03 am

    don’t matter who shouts loud here luo or kiuq,the fact is who fired first.n y did raila walk off kanu after moi suggested uhuru.coz hes power hungry n blood thirst,twice hes been involved with large scale violence 82 n this hate kiuqs propaganda.if he was given kanu chairmanship could he have left no he could have gone on to try convice us how it was the best political party.yet to kenya its the nazi party,raila is a self seeker power hungry individual.out for legacy by any means necessary,even blood bath.

  5. Anonymous
    April 30, 2010 at 6:00 am


  6. Anonymous
    February 17, 2010 at 6:51 am

    We are back where we started. Nothing’s changed. 2012 is fast approaching and the same cast of players has come back playing different roles in the same play. We have now graduated from machetes to AK47s.If you thought 2008 was bad, ngoja uyaone ya Firauni.

  7. Garotte
    February 1, 2010 at 10:10 am


    We are back where we started. Nothing’s changed. 2012 is fast approaching and the same cast of players has come back playing different roles in the same play. We have now graduated from machetes to AK47s.If you thought 2008 was bad, ngoja uyaone ya Firauni.

    God Bless Kenya

  8. kenyanphoenix
    November 23, 2009 at 1:39 am

    President Kibaki & Prime Minister Odinga, to face the International Criminal Court as defendants on Charges of Murder, Destruction of Property, both Public, Private & State, Abdication of Responsibilities & Duties to the people of Kenya as President of Kenya. Abdication of Moral Responsibilities and ethics as Leader and Presidential Candidate of a moral society and immoral Crimes against Humanity

    This is to you my hard working, true generation Kenyan, man & woman, boy & girl, who knows there is a better future, who dreams of a better future, who beliefs in a better future. The time is now! We call upon you this minute of this day and this history that we are in the making, to do your part as the true generation, as a citizen, a patriot and a comrade of self worth, arrest the real criminal elite.
    Be informed be enlightened be brave and take a chance, great reforms and revolutions have begun like the Kenyan Phoenix , you have been chosen as one of the many true guardians of Kenya to exercise your civil power, make no mistake about this, you have the power in your hands, to make a civilian arrest. Arrest the true criminals of our existence, you know them you know them all you see them every single day of your life, they pass you by every morning on your way to work, school, church. They are the so called members of the elite club of corruption in Kenya, the Kenyatta’s, their families, the representatives of the regimes of the first republic, the Moi’s, their families, the representatives of the regimes of the second republic, the Kibaki’s, his family, the representative of the regime of our third republic.
    The Railas, family and associates, business and political associates who are stealing all of Kenya’s resources as you read this, so that they can prepare to fund their 2012 campaigns, and once in power, they will steal again from the fourth republic.

    This is a crime, these are all criminals, these are the enemies of Kenya, the Kenya where you matter, the Kenya where you count, the Kenya where you are wealthy, the Kenya where you are prosperous, the Kenya where all is possible, the Kenya where your dream comes true, the Kenya where you as the youth run the show, run the offices, run the federation, the Kenya that speaks different tribal languages, but understands one philosophy, Kenya is the land of the people, represented in all spheres of life, social, economical and political, directly by the people that is the dream. Kenya is the dream, it is the present and the future, Kenya is the land of opportunity, not the west, Kenya, the greatest federation in Africa.

    Demand Justice my people of Kenya. Let us demand justice, for it is justice that will make our lives better, the present and the future life. The call has come to you, its now your time to do what all other generations have failed to do and been unable to do, too afraid to take a chance, to weak, our fathers and mothers have failed us, the chances were there, they could have liberated us right from the beginning when Kenyatta was in power, but fear, because of fear to stand up and make a choice, make a better place for you and me, make a difference against tyranny, corruption, government and all that is wrong, they have left us inherit their responsibility to rid this country of the true gangsters of Kenya today., you my brothers and sisters, are different, you are young, motivated, your present the present and future, both of which are under threat, you have more to lose, you have more to achieve in you life, you are the true change that will liberate Kenya.
    The call for you has come, the call to make true history is here, technology is our weapons, unity is our strategy and youth our advantage.
    Let’s get this job done, the mission is easy, the culprits and criminals are known to all of us.
    Get Justice and lets all get paid. It’s that simple. We have the numbers, we are the multitudes, and we are the force. Its time to get justice, with this done we get back our wealth. Kenyans are wealthy by birth, by wealthy we mean, we are not born poor, governments past, present and future have brought poverty to our existence, it is unfortunate that your birth rite has been stolen.

    Our Mission:

    Let’s first get that back all that has been stolen, everything from 1963 to date, how much land do you think Kenyatta has stolen all over Kenya, how did he get it, what and who did he influence to get it, get this back and thousands of Kenyans get free land, this is our policy, how many business entities does the Kenyatta family own in Kenya, with whom, how did they get it, by what means, what influence, we know Kenyatta’s salary then, so how did he get all this wealth he has that Uhuru and family is enjoying, here and abroad?, Jaramogi Odinga Odinga, and his family . We are Getting all this back, believe us, that’s our mission, and Moi, Saitoti? Kibaki? Charles Njonjo? William Ruto? Eliud Mwenda? William Olintimama? Nicholas Biwott? Musalia Mudavadi, his father? William Martin? Eliud Mahihu, James Kanyotu? Kalonzo Musyoka? Charity Ngilu?, Shariff Nassir?, Ronald Ngala his family, Najib Balala, John Michuki, Taib family, Jirongo, Sajaad, Mohamed Jaffer, Tahir Said, Chris Kirubi, Sam Macharia, Kamotho, Githunguri, Hosea Kiplagat, Joshua Kulei, Beth Mugo? Martha Karua, Philip Ndegwa, Duncan Ndegwa, all those who served in governments, state corporations, from 1963 to date, all of them are what is wrong with your life today in Kenya, don’t shield them, it’s all of these people who have made and brought suffering to each one of us, did they share their ill gotten wealth, even a penny with you? Why protect them, you have been denied a better life , future wealth because of them, look at all these faces as you go to work tomorrow morning, as you go to look for jobs tomorrow morning, as you are sick, suffering, hopeless, angry with life, these faces are the cancer eating away your life from within, its not tribalism, its not famine, its not a new constitution, hog wash dispensation, its not el Nino, its not the recession, its not the British, nor the Americans, its not Sadam Hussein, not Osama bin Laden. No my forever suffering comrades, no, it’s them, it’s this minority group of political and economical elite, the so called advantaged few thieves who you all know by name, face and crime. Its them, take back what they have stolen and we all get paid big time. The equation is as simple as that. Get justice – get paid.

    Let’s get back all that was stolen, has been stolen and is being stolen from us, it’s ours, who decided that what they ill got is their right more than yours. Don’t allow them to get away with this; don’t let them do to our Kenya what they did to our parents Kenya. Justice is a must and when we get this job done, that is money back to the people, land back to the people, resources back to the people, the people is us, you and me.

    Get justice, get paid, get justice, get paid, get justice, and get paid. Our future, your future, the true generation’s future depends on this.

    We are at a very crucial period in the making of Kenya’s history, we are at the stage, time and place where what we are going to do, or not do, is going to be judged by those who come after this generation. What do you want to be remembered for? Standing by as a spectator, like our parents did before us, they stood by watching, doing absolutely nothing while the political and economical villains, reaped and looted this beautiful country to her knees.

    Life is a beautiful thing, living is a beautiful exercise, Kenya is a wonderful country, her potential and possibilities, endless, and she is young, vibrant, wealthy, healthy and full of power within. Those who have been privileged to govern this country have been unable to realize all these, because it goes against their personal interest and greed. The fear of enriching her citizens meant less for them and was fuelled by the ideology that people with a full belly cannot be oppressed; a satisfied human is a dangerous, informed human. Keep the Kenyan poor and you keep him too busy to notice what you are doing. He is too busy looking to feed himself, to bother about you and what you are stealing. This was Mzee Kenyatta’s strategy to govern and steal from Kenyans. Moi took office and followed this strategy, which helped him rule the oppressed Kenyans for 24 years, each of this years the country bled and bled, as his associates and family members stole what they wanted. Land, money, property, roads, airfields, buildings, ports, harbors, forests, beaches, rivers, everything went. Kibaki followed and quickly learnt the ropes, his family friends are doing exactly this, and his wives are stealing state assets on receivership, his children engaging in the same theft. Then comes Raila, a man who started to look like he will make a difference, but old school, he soon got swallowed up by the greed of enriching his family, friends and associates, preparing to use this capital come 2012. His children’s are deep into government coffers, stealing. Asian cartels literally own our so called Prime Minister and President, who secretly sell off our ports and harbors to Asians who create Monopolies in trade commodities, such as sugar, rice, maize, wheat and oil supply to this country. No wonder all this products are too expensive for the common man of Kenya. Of course their interest in these deals is well taken care of.
    We know this story very well its part of our history, Ketan Somai, Manu Chandaria had his story, Kamlesh Pattni had his story, Sajaad has his story, ask Sunil Gohil, today its Mohamed Jaffer, all very smart people, who finally found the greedy fool in our beloved Raila’s and Kibaki’s. What about Ruto, the man dying to be our next great president, a man who has nice relations with Islam family, Mohamed for that fact, how does the government of the day relinquish control of regulating cereal prices to an individual private miller? And you wonder why we can’t afford a basic meal. How have we allowed all this?

    The Kenyan dream
    Defiantly, the free house, land, food security, pension, free medical, Infrastructure, etc. we all know what we want and what we need for a good life, we are not here to make the same stupid political speech and campaign promises, we are not politicians. What we want for all Kenyans and what we are fighting for is, you and me, all of us Kenyans to get justice and equality before our law of land. That is what we can guarantee, will open the windows of all that we want and need to live our Kenyan dream.

    President Kibaki & Prime Minister Odinga, to face the International Criminal Court as defendants on Charges of Murder, Destruction of Property, both Public, Private & State, Abdication of Responsibilities & Duties to the people of Kenya as President of Kenya. Abdication of Moral Responsibilities and ethics as Leader and Presidential Candidate of a moral society and immoral Crimes against Humanity

    Yes the con-stitution, and yet again they got you with another side show… keep them arguing with the constitution while the Ocampo deal simmers down.
    A side agreement is looking to be made, a board room transaction will be cut, this will allow the true culprits walk away from this crime, and Kibaki tells Ocampo we as a country can handle this issue internally. Its now going to over 1 ½ years and no justice. We all know the criminal, we know their names and faces, why has nothing been done to punish them for this massacre on our peaceful country Kenya, this crime has been the first this country has had, why hasn’t, Raila and Kibaki resigned, to await to be heard in court defending themselves against accusation of perpetrating the post election violence.

    The guilty criminals in this inhumane crime are the two power hungry individuals, who even though they were aware what could happen, what their silence would mean to the people, the anxiety they caused through indifference, arrogance and gamble of lives of Kenyan people. People were killed because of this, died because of both their stand and stance at a time where true leadership should have prevailed. But hell no, this man called Raila wanted the top seat. It was his turn and so he refused to humble like a true leader of the people. He chose to steer this country to the brink of civil war and anarchy. Kibaki as president, as a true leader of Kenyan lives, should have seen what was happening before it happened, he again chose to keep quiet and do what he does best, his no-show tactic, while holed up in Uganda, lodged in safety and leisure, comforts that no Kenyan at that time in Kenya were able to enjoy. We were in hell, the president said nothing, did nothing and stood aside like a bystander, watching and doing absolutely nothing for you, for me, for us people of Kenya. How many of us have been affected by this!
    Who were the true victims? We were, the 39 million Kenyans, you, me, us, we got killed, injured, burned alive, our hard earned livelihood destroyed but the other victims were the voters who listened to the manipulated bullshit of Kibaki, men like Raila. Kenyan voters were manipulated , since independence, Kenyan people have been forced to suffer the simple act of living in this country, the feeling of injustice has been the main characteristic nature of Kenyans as their lives have been over shadowed by an injustice society. In 2007 Raila and Kibaki became guilty of recreating this injustice, the injustice Kenyans have been living with for 40 years. Now it’s time to demand justice.

    Because of them we live in fear of suspicion of each other, we are afraid to invest in our insecure so called country, one that enjoyed the title peaceful Kenya.. Today we live in shame and humiliation by other citizens as being no different then any other rebel fighting led nation, an ungoverned country like many African countries. Raila and Kibaki, You have destroyed this country’s reputation beyond repair. you two stupid people, you let your individual greed, steer the destiny of this country, today we are Kenyans planning to run away come 2012, the life of fear remains in those Kenyans unable to go anywhere. Kibaki and Raila are guilty of the crimes against humanity and must be prosecuted to serve a sentence in the courts of law. Ocampo knows this, Kibaki and Ocampo know this, Raila knows this, Raila and Ocampo knows this. But to delay this process, deals and boardroom agreements to finding mutual beneficiary is underway. Will you stand aside and watch while these two men Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki walk away free, after all they have done, after all they did not do and for causing untold suffering, pain and broken dreams, by destroying lives. You will not stand aside and let this one go. You will not, justice is ours and justice is what we want, true justice, and justice for the Kenyan people. Kibaki and Raila must be prosecuted. Justice will be done – get Justice and get paid

    Sign your name if you believe Raila & Kibaki should stand trail and face charges that are soon to be filed by 26 Top EU and American Lawyers on our behalf, against these two individual in the international Criminal Court in the Hague, as perpetrators and inciters of the Post – Election Violence, a crime against our humanity. Stand up and be counted – we want the numbers to get justice done onces and for all.

    How it will work:

    We are collecting singatures! Join this Petition – Civil power for the Kenyan People!
    Write down your name, signature and Kenyan ID Number, give it to a friend or family Member to do the same !
    Inform people about the importance of this exercise and the impact , it will have for the cause!
    Scann in these signatures and e-mail them to the Kenyan Phoenix, for Justice:

  9. Optimist
    August 4, 2009 at 4:33 am

    Interesting perspectives. I agree totally with Willie -we get the leaders we deserve- Im not one for speeches and rhetoric but i believe we need to get our psychics right. No politician ever amassed wealth for his community it is an umbrella to bring voters together by the thousands because we lack a purpose, we lack a vision. Politics isnt about issues coz our opinions are as varied as a spectrum of the rainbow. Let us embrace values, choose leaders based on how they can lead us to ‘the promised land’ not illegally divide the water tables and wetlands as payment for votes. Let each one of use begin a small initiative to DO GOOD FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE COMMUNITY and like small drops of rain we will have a downpour of selfless leaders. We as a country have very few resources to fight over. Our humanity is our greatest asset that determination to excel has seen one of our own lead the US of A. Let us treasure each others lives and together- YES WE CAN

  10. lei
    June 19, 2009 at 5:33 am

    now the person who wrote that should have some sense in him.even the quote is wrongly judged.stop hiding but go straight to your problem.

  11. Willie
    November 23, 2008 at 7:26 am

    I’ve been going through all the stuff here and what a story!!

    Mine is to say, hey Kenya let us stop blaming leaders and take responsibility. We have had enough opportunities to sack them yet we dilligently and then complain that they dont pay taxes, they are too costly to maintain!!

    WE ARE OUR OWN DEVIL and we need to trust God to help us see our weakness and only then can He enable to realize the change He wants. If a President can’t last more than two terms I believe an MP should pray and fast to last ONE term. We need a way to not only appoint people to leadership but a way to quickly sack them!! An MP should be reviewed at least once a year and dealt with accordingly.

    We are free to vote and if the old generation want to maintain tribal lines, we (the youths) have more voters cards than them to bring the “change we can believe in”. Dont blame anybody; be responsible and encourage other youths to get the voter’s cards and stop being used as political weapons of war. WE THE YOUTH need to learn how to say NO. The handouts by politicians are not to get us anywhere better. Let us sit down and look for leaders who can lead us to where we want: men of integrity and of ability. Let us rally behind them and we’ll open a new chapter. We can do it.

    If we want to maintain the old politics then let us suffer silently because choice and consequence are inseparable. I hope we can turn to more constructive politicking that we have inherited from our political elite who are half-baked and forthrightly crazy.

  12. Rifat
    November 6, 2008 at 1:48 am

    In terms of bonalnoy erudition – grammotno done!

  13. Shikwekwe
    October 15, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    Final MT, it is the stupidity of people like you that kenya suffers. You are here talking of democracy and liberation of Kenya, yet you threaten your fellow Kenyans with violence because they differ with your opinion??? You and idiots like you should try being pirates in Somalia, you have the I.Q required for that job. :idea:

  14. kenyankikuygirl
    September 20, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    We need patriots in Kenya, not hate speech & tribalism – we are all Kenyans ..The Country suffers because it has been missmanaged for decades by Mp´s & leaders from different tribes.
    What we need is seriousness & good management of taxes & land issues should be solved once and for all.

    What i find annoying is, most of our leaders have lived & studied in foreign Countries yet they do not have the urge/burden to make Kenya look beautiful & organized.

    Our youths need quality jobs & we need innovations. Our medical sector needs to be bettered, our aging people need to be getting money from the govt, we need perfect infrastructure & a clean Country etc…

    So we should hope for leaders who will build & better the Country & bring peace,love, unity & development.

  15. Final MT
    September 8, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    He who started this post by saying all that crap about The great and wise man is a very lucky person………..this is because ‘we’ “who did all that then”( ie. Took part in the third and final liberation of Kenya’s democracy) do not know where you stay or how we’ll get u. Because we can uproot your house just like the railway and poison your water tank so that you do not get to see your third and fourth generations…..we did it before…we can do it again!!! Never and I mean never..call Raila evil…he is the political messiah of this country (not being blasphemous) and he will deliver this country from political insanity… Hit me!!!

  16. Anonymous
    August 20, 2008 at 3:37 am

    screw u man. u can come up with a better heading for ur ignorant jabber.

  17. Micom
    August 4, 2008 at 6:56 am

    Lets all give our MPs some work visit http://www.bunge.co.ke blog to post issues to be attended by your area MP

  18. Y Bahari
    August 1, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    All humans are evil by nature.
    We need systems in place to bring some rectitude to that crooked bent.

  19. razor
    March 2, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Tell them Leoedd,
    Thats good food for thought for march.

  20. Leoedd
    March 1, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Thanks man, your eye is good. What do this power hingry crooks say about the kenyans who died, shot with arrows or hacked to death? This is a government full of thugs who only want money, power and to be in a position to protect themselves from prosecution by being in the government. Have they educated these hooligans about the present constitution that guarantees freedom of ownership throughout kenya? I think more needs to be done than just Raila and Kibaki shaking hands. The thugs are out there, their swords and arrows full of blood. About a new constitution, there will never, and i say never be a constitution that will nulllify the freedom of any kenyan owning property anywhere in kenya. So the crooks who thought theyve gotten a quick ride to stone houses, plots and farms, you were used like tissue papers by your politicians and theyre about to flash you down the drain. A new constitution will suit politicians most, to me the present one is enough, as a new constitution will not make me work less to earn a living.It will still be made by the same corrupt politicians who increase their salaries anytime they want to and who never pay tax on their salaries. These are the crooks weve entrusted kenyas future to. Hard work and wisdom will always make tomorrow better.

  21. Shikwekwe
    February 27, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    Mato, you suffer from what is collectively known as lazy reasoning. Get this clue, When you sit there and say Kenyans wanted change, you are bundling everybody in the same basket, am sure even you are aware that those two idiots kibaki na raila got roughly the same % of votes. Now come the revolution you talk about, where is the revolution when the poor rise against the poor with both sides backed by elites??? You are sitting there over simplyfying facts to the point of absurdity, and that is what is plaguing Kenya, ignorance. This is about distribution of wealth, and selfish leaders who are out to enrich themeselves at the expense of the masses. Now if only Kenyans would say enough, quit the hooliganism (coz no matter how u cut it, hacking ur neighbour has nothing to do with democracy, thats barbaric). So stop trying to justify murder, rape, and looting in the name of democracy, this idle youths are being paid to cause mayhem. Revolution is a mass rise against the regime, look at the french, american revolt. Hii ya Kenya ni ukora. And if you are out there arming urself to kill fellow kenyans, hope the cops get you first.

  22. mato
    February 27, 2008 at 5:14 am

    man you truely dont know the meaning of culculating and cold. it is sad to see someone talk with such passion on something they clearly do not have facts on. in fact the culculating one is you. since when can stealing, thugerry and sheer disregard of life be rewarded with such talks of nonesense. the Kenyan’s wanted a change in Raila. at least kenyan’s are patriots. they were tired of Kibaki’s government a long time before but they did not take arms and decided to wait for elections to exercise their democratic rights. upon voting, with the hope to get their preffered president, someone decides to impose himself! this lead to frustration. to add insult to injury he then decides because he has the controll, the preferred leader should also not address the people to ease their tensions. people then resorted to revoult. according to natural law, the public give up their general will to a body polity who is expected to hold that will in trust for the people. whatever the body polity does must be in the best interest of the whole community. this is how government was made. those who govern only hold the people’s will in trust. if for any reason the community feels the body polity is not working in their best interest, they reserve their right to revoult. that is what just happened! get a hint boy!

  23. Shortie
    February 26, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Dear Kenyans,
    If you think all those politicians give a hoot about you or me; think again. They see us as pawns to use as they like with a clear keen aim to achieve their goals. Do you know who the real loosers are? Its us common people who put those people there(I will need good conviction why i would waste my time to go and vote again in my lifetime). Its funny good people who can be real statesmen & women never venture in politics-guess it will be a waste of good brains to politics. We should do away with these thugs cum politicians send them home and get others with good intentions of the republic at heart and not their own interests and the things they utter in public justifying their stand!!!! You really wonder which school they went to.

    Kenyans politicians should graduate and display leadership skills not the circus they subject to people daily.

    Kenyan constitution need to be given electric shock coz its been dead – Lets revive it and change it if it will ever be relevant to us.

  24. EagleEYE
    February 25, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    42 military trucks impounded by the government of Kenya and currently held at the DOD headquaters, consignee was…ur guese is as good as mine. Shipping manifest show britain to be the point of origin, Payment was supposed to be made by the new president of kenya, and a request of more trucks was supposed to follow. Holy sh$t…..and yet this guys are talkin’ POWER BALANCE….only a fool will accept this kind of demands.

  25. mugi-kuri-uyu
    February 25, 2008 at 11:23 am


    haha. 2day i feel better. no rants, at least for now….
    maybe thats because ive minimised reading some very hatefull blogs…from some really sick pple.
    but my point was, “laying it all in Gods Capable hands coz only He knows who is the chosen leader” as many pple hav been saying is really boring me.

  26. Shikwekwe
    February 24, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Young Generationo:
    Funny how you think being in America for 3 months allows u such a unique view, wait till you get at least 10 years in here then talk. And you say you ares till kenyan at heart????? :lol: You have been away from Kenya for 3 months u are not even accustomed to american food yet, even after 10 years you will still be kenyan at heart. And then u go on to talk of views that are as enlightened as somone whose never left the village in Kiambu, Bush doesn take crap? Look at american international policy, its about being strategic, not wat u refer here. And then you go and say kikuyus to be angry to whats been done to you brothers……if u had an international view, you would have called for kenyans to be mad to whats been done to fellow Kenyans an d to Kenya. Am glad you have the dreams and aspirations to build orphanages of the clashes, “when you come back” haha…you talk like you are the first Kenyan to hit states. Concetrate on studies here, dont get caught up with all the kenyan crowd and their parties….take that from someone whose been living for a very long time in America.
    Yeah yeah i get you mad at the whole world for what has happend to kenya. Am not calling on God to help kenya, coz truthfully, thats a laughable idea. We have all we need to do something about Kenya. Am not calling for ppl to forget the lost souls, i truly hope ppl get prosecuted, including those with hateful blogs. And am not sure who u are accusing of being in denial here, but ur rants are like beating a dead horse, we all know Kenya is in dire straights, lets move to rebuilding. And the lazy part, what are u doing thats so constructive that gives u the right to judge others??? Each will have to do their own thing, as per their strength, not ur judgement.

  27. mugi-kuri-uyu
    February 23, 2008 at 4:50 pm

    u pple who are insisting on “neutralness”, “peace”, happyness” and all those other sentimental stuff are not saying anything we dont already know. whats even more troubling is bringing God into the picture. where He’s supposed to resolve our problems suddenly….. i thot God helps those who help themselves….. Common, wake up and smell the koffi!!!! Kenya is in trouble. we are being ruled by wannabe dictators. and we are responsible for putting them there.(unless you think it was Gods idea/plan.) so now your waiting for God to solve ur issues?? haha. what a cliche!!! ok, lets wait for him then to make all the bad “go away”.
    what do u suppose is going to happen? u think Raila is going to geta dream and wake, match into parliament and say he doesnt want power afterall? or maybe Kibaki will step down?? after all the effort he’s put to be there in the first place.
    what would you want God to do?? and whats the time frame??
    stop escapism by refering your mess to the suprime being. while all that while, knowing in your head you are biased towards one of the two dictators.
    next your going to say we should ignore that people have lost there lives and carry on from where we left……huh?? because God said so in the bible. u think youll easily forget that uve lost a loved one? you think youll forget the reason they died?? huh…..
    stop being in denial and wake your lazy ass and actually do something constructive.

  28. young Generation
    February 23, 2008 at 7:17 am

    Am a young kikuyu lady in the states who grew up in k- south. I grew up with all sorts of friends from different tribes. My best friend is a luo. I was in campus in Kenya up until end of November last year when I left. I knew there was going to be some conflict after elections because there was alot of tension in the air before I left. even in campus, it seemed all non kikuyus wanted Raila, in exception of kamba’s who preffred Kalonzo. Now, it is their Democratic right to want to vote for whomever they choose. It’s also their right to protest in civililzed manners if they feel aggrieved. But it is not right for anyone, And I mean for whatever reason in this day and age, to kill an innocent victim, who may not even know you are at war with them. Especially women and children. Its just heating below the belt. I condemn the slaughter of innocent people by the so called kalenjin warriors, the mungiki, the taliban and any other militia group. To me they are all criminals. And am sure God sees them the same way in His eyes.

    Being far away, I can qualify to say that, I can be able to see this from a better perspective than most people. I mean interms of where this is leading and how it is perceived from the western world while at the same time knowing the real causes. ( Note my uncle’s church was burnt, my friends business was looted, and people had threatened to burn down my fathers business). There was a backlash from American Christians especially when they hard what happened in the eldoret church. From that point on, western powers started to examine closely what was happening. At this point, If President Kibaki decided not to accept the coalition, know he has the support of U.S, Russia, Israel and the non-interfering China. The European Union, mostly Britain and France, would have a grudge, but there is nothing much they can do if they don’t have the backing of these big three. Maybe they can offer to an extent sanctions to a very limited part of kenya’s economy,After all they have many investments in kenya, they would not do alot to jeopardise their buisness benefits. Britain knows it has no tooth to bite on present day Kenya, and it has decided to use the commonwealth as a forefront since it stated, and am sure they are doubting their wisdom over these, that they no longer recognize the Kibaki govt. thats why they had sent the commonwealth representative to speak on their behalf. Either way, because of the stands and alignments Raila has made, especially with radical islamists whom the American govt seems to be very aware of and holds them high suspicion. They will never let raila take ultimate power in Kenya. President Bush was quick to point out that we was trying to help the process along and not dictate solutions, this coming from a perceived arrogant cow boy ” who has threatened to invade Iran and Bomb North Korea, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Is not an easy thing to come out of his mouth” I understand that he was clearly at pains to do so” Goes to show that he understands President Kibaki’s position according to what he had been briefed, and to a large extent, sympathizes with President Kibaki’s Position. I too sympathize with President Kibaki, he’s really a good guy at heart, but he was forced to be a dictator because he knew what was coming to his people if he had lost to the opposition. sometimes I think he’s the kind of person who would take off all his clothes and walk around in the streets naked like a madman if he were to order hits on his opponents as it was so in the Kenyatta era. But he still is wise. Right now, I think the best thing for Kenya would be for us to bring security back to our streets and the countryside and to show people they need to respect the government no matter who maybe on top. If they don’t respect the govt of President Kibaki, what makes you think they will respect that of Raila’s? What goes around comes around. God is a God of Justice, And He still is God and reigns over us, even when you have put him on the sidelines. He is the ultimate Authority. The minute President Kibaki realised that and asked God to come in to the equation and show him a way out. He delt a major Blow to the opposition. Because now God Almighty is on his side.
    I hope the people who are spreading hate can be confronted by the wisdom of a 21 year old Lady.
    To all my Kikuyu brothers and sisters, Its okay to be angry with what has been done to your tribesmen, but bitterness and hate is unnecessary baggage, it will only weigh you down. and waste your energy. Concentrate on whats important.
    when I come back, I will build orphanages in every part of Kenya to shelter the victims of the clashes, Aids and others. What will you do? What are you doing now, whatever little it is to foster love among the different tibes of Kenya.
    God Bless Kenya. I am still a Kenyan at Heart. And I always love my country and my fellow Kenyans.

  29. joeemgee
    February 22, 2008 at 3:59 am

    u remind of those guys who go for a week trip abroad…and immediately they land back home…they have problems copin with the “new climate”…n’way lemmi remind you that Europe ddnt also start as it is today…look back e days of Hitler n e likes…mayb some sense will get in2 yua belly and start thinkin positively of Africa…please shun that “colonial” mind….the recent chaos do not mean Kenya cant get back 2 where it was…same case for the likes of Somali etc.

  30. MZEIYA
    February 21, 2008 at 12:58 pm


    You have brought up a very important point…..i.e. if this grand coalition is formed, what kind of precedent will we be setting?

    as you said, the looser will now have a chance to claim he was rigged out, cause violence and then get a government job.

    people should be careful for what they wish for. I don’t know how and why Raila and ODM are allowed to get away with so much.

    Isn’t Raila the one who said that he’ll never be in government with Kibaki ? and now he wants PM Post ?

  31. Shikwekwe
    February 20, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    Do you think people will be prosecuted? I mean for christ sakes some of these monsters are on tape killing, dragging people from matatus and hacking them. Ive heard of Ruto’s name being floated as an incitor, if there is any evidence why not presecute. Its not for lack of evidence, so whats taking it so long???? And this grand coalition being proposed, does it fix the plight of Kenyans? And does it not set a precedence for future elections, if you guy loses, cause chaos, u still form the govt. With that said, am all for peace, and i’ll take anything that can bring it. But after that, lets try to get back on track with our country, we have a long way to go. :shock:

    Mugi Kuri.
    By all means, by (whichever gods you pray to) do not, and i repeat, not, stoop to the levels of those u deem as monsters. What they did in Kisumu and Eldy is pure barbaric. You responding in kind makes you no better. Those Luos and Kales in Nyeri are as innocent as those killed and displaced in other areas. Enough with the violence. :idea:
    Look at the history of U.K, Europe and the americas, they are filled with more blood than Africa has managed in its few years in existence. As sad as Kenyas’ and Africas plight is deplorable, don’t sit there in U.K and think you are in Utopia, and then throw insults at a whole continent. Are you kidding me, ask yourself why, read your history books find the root cause of our rot. Dont condemn a whole race, especially one you are from. Self hate is the ultimate form of defeat, and you reek of it. :sad:

  32. A.J
    February 17, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    As a Kenyan living in the UK, I am hugely dissapointed that Kenyans are so behind. People need to grow up and realise that there’s more to life than arguing about which tribe is better than the other. Kenya’s economy is now in ruins and for what?waste of time.
    Africa will never prosper because it is made of of people with small minds. :arrow:

  33. mugi-kuri-uyu
    February 17, 2008 at 5:24 am

    quick question. so, since youve succeded in eliminating kyuks from kisumu and eldy, using machetes and arrows or whatever, “taken back your land”, what do u suggest should we do with the luo’s and kales here in nyeri? weve been talking about it alot as a kikuyu family in nyeri. any suggestions???

  34. bobo
    February 16, 2008 at 8:23 am

    At the end of the day whether Raila is evil or not he goes down in history books………whichever way you look at it whether as a bad leader or good leader…they will be viewed differently as heroes or villains…Judas Iscariot was a traitor but he made the steps allowing Jesus to die for your sins :lol: :sad: …Raila may be evil but his calculations will lead to many necessary reforms in Kenya :razz: …………What will history say about you? :mad: :mad:

  35. Leoedd
    February 14, 2008 at 2:21 am

    Shikwekwe, i think the worst problem is usually the fact that the constitution is used for the poor and not for the Rich. As a rich kenyan , you can do anything and escape simpley because you have the RIGHT CONNECTIONS. I really dont think that we solve the problem by forming a coalition. The first thing ought to put the crooks to jail before forming a coalition. I dont care whether they are in ODM or PNU. You would otherwise be sleeping in the same house witha guy who is sharpening a machete or an arrow the next room, there are enough people in kenya to be in opposition. Dont worry about the benches. Im sure this thing about ODM and PNU will end onse sense returns. Im interested in sensible opposition to IDEAS not to PARTIES. If an idea is good and its from ODM it should be supported. Not just opposing for the sake of it. THats nonsense and foolish. I in fact think we would have more peace in kenya if we did not have politicians. Theyre the cause of all this shit.
    Koffi annan is just a visitor in kenya. He can hold talks with Kibaki and Raila but theres one thing we should all know, its us who have to decide on whether we want peace or not. After he leaves, WE ARE THE KENYANS. So lets decide what we want, but im for CROOKS IN JAIL FIRST BEFORE THE COALITION or whatever you call it. But im sure the coalition in itself is not a solution to peace. Does that mean if theres another contest in the future and one guy gets defeated he can organise a militia and therefore share power, and no one goes to jail for the deaths caused? Im sure you rush to think about Raila and Kibaki. Forget about those crooks. The future is more important than today! By endorsing a coalition, youre saying that there will never be peace in kenya after an election. IF they cant agree, lets have an election, and let it be computerised, so that people can vote from anywhere as long as theyre regustered in kenya. And let it be for everyone including the MPs and lets end this disagreement.Were the employers.Call for another interview for everyone. Not just the presidential one. Some people would be happy to be loosed from ODM. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!its slavery if your opinion doesnt count.

  36. Shikwekwe
    February 14, 2008 at 1:32 am

    For you to rejoice that Kibaki is wiser than Raila is like being happy for being the world tallest midget. Both Kibaki and Raila erred, just that Raila messed up more than Kibaki doesn’t excuse Kibaki for the ills he committed. Now we are at a point where we need to have a coalition govt. so as to have peace in kenya. Now whose going to fill the opposition benches, whose going to check the govt. keep it in balance. I suppose its better than a banana state. Now are we going to get those responsible for the murder of 1000 plus Kenyans behind bars, are they going to be chalked up as casualties of “justice”?

  37. MZEIYA
    February 11, 2008 at 11:52 am


    U said it, Kibaki is wiser than Raila. Kibaki is the type to do things on the quiet while people assume he’s foolish- i.e. he reminds me of those people in high school who would be all over in terms of trouble, making noise in class, not seriuos with their schooling,BUT When everyone was sleeping, these guys would wake up and do their studying the, Come exam time, we’d all shangaa at their top performance.

  38. Leoedd
    February 11, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Its so unfortunate that ODM with all the professors had not foreseen what is happening in Kisumu. I had predicted exactly that in one of my previous posts. We need to move from being educated to being Learned. When we gain the latter, we have insights into events that an educated peo[ple cant. The story we see today will give kenyans hard lessons, that tribalism will kill them after it kills their neighbour. The looters will loot your home after your neighbour and its no surprise Raila is changing his hard stance. He needs to redeeem his image as the chief of looters and tribal armies. If an election is done, he could fail to mobilise similar vites. Already the Kisii and the Kalenjin are fighting. The maasaai and the Kalenjin are fighting, and the unity that propelled him is no longer assured. I think the coward Kibaki is more wiser than Raila and his men combined. Raila will never be president, and so will Kibaki never be a president again. Anyone supported bu raila, Ruto, Koech Uhuru and the like will also not be president. Theyve reduced themselves to tribal chiefs who will never be respected nationally! I cant wait to see scene 2 of this movie!

  39. Shikwekwe
    February 9, 2008 at 4:17 am

    Bantus ——I stand corrected in your phrases. But still, how about peace loving Kenyans teach the hooligans a lesson in peace, not just bantus. Why do you feel the need to generalize and dissacosiate other Kenyans? Not all luos were violent, just as not all kikuyus were peaceful in the last month. All am saying this is not the time to segregate people into groups, lets all fall under Kenya, and peace reign.
    I said it before, now the hammer falls on those responsible for malicious rumours that caused death to many. I said sit back and watch the visa ban. Should some people in the blogs be charged with seditious statements? Sure! Its about time people learn to be responsible for what they say and the damage they cause.
    All in all this was more to do with poverty and ignorance than tribal lines. Did anyone see or hear of a rich luo kill a rich kikuyu or vice versa? Aren’t the luos in Kisumu now robbing and kiling the middle class and rich luos? People were promised the moon by the politicians in the run up to elections, they were trying to cash in the chips after the elections. Yes they are ignorant and stupid for killing their fellow humans, yes they are guilty of first degree murder and yes they should be charged, some of them are on camera right? What they did, incited or not was wrong, and payback should be swift and within legal boundaries.

  40. The_Bantus_of_Kenya
    February 8, 2008 at 8:27 am

    Oh! Shikwekwe! how do you interpret the phrase teach a lesson? This does not have anything to do with war but being a role model in peace making. For sure there are guys out there who do not know what peace means and how to initiate it, unless someone teaches them. People like Ruto and Raila do not understand peace, and do not love other tribes of Kenya espcially the Bantus. So Bantus should not chase away their neigbours coz there are not of their tribe but to live with them and teach the Nilots a lesson that it is possible for people to co-habit with everyone in the world. PLEASE DO NOT MISINTERPRET THE PHASES IN THESE COMMENT. all the some No one would like to be killed as he watch or his brothers to be killed as he stand a side and watch it happen……

  41. kenyan
    February 7, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Prominent journalists get death threats as Kenya plunges into darkness

    Last updated : 31 Jan 2008, Kampala

    Death threats have been issued to several leading Kenyan journalists after the murder of ODM MP Melitus Mugabe Were.

    According to reports from Nairobi, at least five journalists who received email threats are Linus Kaikai, the managing editor of KTN, Joseph Odindo, the MD of the Nation Media Group, Kipkoech Tanui, the managing editor of The Standard newspaper, Robert Nagila, a journalist with NTV, and Paul Ilado, a journalist radio Kiss FM and political news editor of the Nairobi Star newspaper.

    The email accused the journalists of being responsible for fanning the chaos in Kenya.

    The message read: “Today we invaded Woodley Estate. You are going to see what happens to you.”

    Woodley Estate is where the late MP Were had his home.

    Radio Katwe is very concerned about the situation in Kenya because the situation is going to become like Uganda in the UNLF days of President Yusuf Lule and Godfrey Binaisa when many prominent Ugandans were being gunned down and gunshots were heard every night.

    Some opinion is that the email might have come from the Mungiki sect but some other people might be trying to impersonate it.

    We are also getting reports that the Nation Media Group is also going to be the target of attacks by shadowy groups because during the election campaign last year, NMG was openly against Raila Odinga and was very pro-Mwai Kibaki.

    Those of us who know a man called Yoweri Museveni are worried for Kenyans. This is a man who specialised in planting bombs, landmines, killing prominent Ugandans so that he creates chaos and fear in Uganda. When there is anarchy, then people will be willing to give up anything for a return to order. That is just human nature, which cynical people can manipulate to their advantage.

    We have no direct evidence that he is, but don’t be surprised if Museveni has been advising Kibaki on creating or allowing maximum chaos and tensions so that Kibaki can declare a state of emergency like in the days of Mau Mau before independence.

    We are raising this suspicion because it is hard to believe that the Kenya security forces, both army and police are claiming to be overwhelmed by the rioting groups. And then when the police chiefs say on the news the situation in an area is “under control”, you hear later that it is not the case, fighting and roads are still blocked. Kenyans should not be surprised if a state of emergency is imposed, after which Raila Odinga and his top ODM officials are arrested and detained.

    We hope for the best but it is better to assume the worst that Kibaki might have been getting guarantees of military and intelligence support from Museveni if things come to that.

  42. ndemengo
    February 7, 2008 at 5:22 am

    nyama choma, am very worried that we have stupid kenyans like you.You should be cleansed from our country!

    A story tells that two friends were walking through
    the desert. During some point of the journey they had
    an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in
    the face. The one who got slapped was hurt, but
    without saying anything, wrote in the sand:

    They kept on walking until they found an oasis,
    where they decided to take a bath. The one who had
    been slapped got stuck in the mire and started
    drowning, but the friend saved him. After he recovered
    from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone:

    The friend who had slapped and saved his best
    friend asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the
    sand and now, you write on a stone, why?”

    The other friend replied: “When someone hurts
    us we should write it down in sand where winds of
    forgiveness can erase it away. But, when
    someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in
    stone where no wind can ever erase it.”


    A Special Person They say it takes a minute to find a special
    person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them,
    but then an entire life to forget them.

    To all kikuyus kisiis and all other tribes being cleansed lets all emulate the above.
    To nyama choma and like minded luos and kales may it hit you hard that kyuks and kisiis will dot kenya and the whole world and they will continue to prosper with or without a kikuyu president in power.
    Mjinyonge!!!!!! kubafu nyinyi

  43. Sim
    February 7, 2008 at 4:02 am

    Pple Ke is for all KE’s your tribe doest matter. Do you understand why you were born a kenyan.Kibaki ,Raila will go kenya remains.Guys thing hard .

  44. MZEIYA
    February 6, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Yes we should know our enemies and i can guarantee you that South Africa and TZ are not kenya’s friends

  45. jtmd
    February 6, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    @ Dr J,

    Hata mimi ni wa soa pia. Hapo 56. And I grew up na kabila zote. Shida zilikuwa tafauti lakini same. Hauna job so Hakuna chapa, na unataka kwenda heng, ku buy mg’aro, kwenda movie etc. And then we grew up, na unanza kusakanya. Whoever thinks that we are different, you better open your eyes and really look around you. Sisi wote ni kitu moja. Just look at how we dance, kila kabila iko ndani ya hiyo ngoma. I know alot of people think ati story za class na udosi. There will always be someone who is better or worse than you. You can be broke but you can never have enough money. Na pesa za wizi sii zako. And that goes to everyone of you who were robing kenyan government/institutions blind and You who were promised an oportunity to robe. Mnajijua. Stop hiding behind democracy.
    Wakenya, know who your enemies are before you go to war.

  46. MZEIYA
    February 6, 2008 at 5:28 pm


    I wanna know who’s in that list of travel Ban.

    I can start guessing for ODM, Not sure about PNU Side, but ODM has to include

    William Ruto
    Henry Kosgey,
    Musa Sirma (not sure if he’s an M.P.)

    and two more

  47. Simba
    February 6, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    All this Bantu and Nilotes shit is ridiculous. A whole new level of tripe.

  48. Shikwekwe
    February 6, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    The Bantus of Kenya…are you for real? You up in here with a war cry? “Bantus to teach nilotes a lesson” havent you learnt anything the past month. You are the people who should be arrested together with Ruto and Raila.

  49. The_Bantus_of_Kenya
    February 6, 2008 at 8:33 am

    I agree with u am a Bantu of Kenya I have observed and seen that only nilotic groups and leaders (Raila and Ruto) and thirst of the Bantus blood. The death of Were is a sacrifice which Raila and Ruto gave to appeas their gods. Were Mugabe is married to a Kikuyu woman, this angers these nilotic hooligans and decided to kill the innocent Were in pretext the ODM Mps are being killed by the Gova. I am a ppealing to my fellow Bantus leaders I love you guys maintain peace in your areas. I applaud Nyagah and Mudavadi, you are real Bantus your home areas seem to be peacefull and your own people are living in peace with Kikuyus and other tribes including Luos. I hear of the Kalengins in Nandi area who are threatening to kill the Luhyas on their boarders, let them know that the Blood of the Bantus will speak from the groud like the blood of Abel who was killed by Cain his brother.

    Let All bantus come to gether and have a consus to teach the nilotes a good lesson. Bantus of Kenya are peace makers and Enterpruers – the Kikuyu, the Kisiis, The Kurias, The Luhyas, the Kambas, The Menus, The Embus and Mbeere, The Taitas, the Subas, name them. Let no one divide us. The nilots are dividing the Bantus as the consolalidate themselmes to gain international popularity. We are watching closing. Bravo Musalia, Brava Nyagah, Bravo Fred Gumo, bravo Uhuru wa Kenyattta, Brova Dr. Sam Ongeri.

  50. Leoedd
    February 6, 2008 at 2:19 am

    Im sorry to tell you that these things are known. People have hard evidence. Its only a question of time, when people become sure that revealing this information will not put their families at risk. We all know the consequences of releasing information if you cant afford a ticket aout of the country. Either ODM or PNU will be baying for your blood. But i think the Government already has it. But it cant be acted on now. Timing is everything. If Annan doesnt cool down the fires, i think this will be the next Ammo against ODM. I laughed at the Visa threat. Kibaki doesnt travel much . Raila does travel a lot. Who looses?
    Th Local media are teh Worst lot. I have been in many countries and tehres no media house that can be allowed to air a comment that -”How can one tribe choose a president”-By Raila, dont you think that such comments are incitement, The CNN actually bring out the worst of Africa, any tourist who has ever visited kenya always comes back, and they still will. Theres something beautiful about Kenya, and these crazy guys in ODM and PNU are bringing it down!…. assisted by an irresponsible media. The media should be a unifying factor, and at least i congratulated them on their peace message day initiative. But i felt they were not genuine, its just that the governments did not change the way they gambled, and this will affect their fortunes. Thats bad when a media company is assiciated with a party!

  51. Shikwekwe
    February 5, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    One of the major issues exposed in Kenya is the lack of true journalism. Haven’t our local local media houses heard of investigative journalism? They have turned into muck rakers, reporting on things they hear. Nobody seems to have dug deeper into all the allegations floating around. What is the point of having journalists when the only thing they do is report allthe wrong? Thwey wait for stuff to burn and people die, to show. And worse of all they are less focusing on the plight of the person and more on the stupid politicians. If they could show the scope of damage we are doing on each other, bombard all the people with images, stories of trhe suffering, they could shock us into sense. With all the allegations, rumors, why not dig deeper, they are the media, they have the means. For petes sake BBC and CNN are putting our local media to shame.
    And i keep telling people in these blogs, take accountability for what you blog. KE, be objective in your posts. And i still maintain, if we are going to charge some leaders with preaching hate and inciting violence, some people here better be charged to. If kiss fm, kameme are going to be held accountable, so should some of you.

  52. MZEIYA
    February 5, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    hhhmm EXPERT,

    Good point on Raila’s double standard about the kenyan courts.

    One good thing tho is that his refusal to go to court will put the spotlight on the courts and they’ll have to reform coz we all know how long court cases take in kenya

  53. expert
    February 5, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Raila goes to kibaki’s courts when it suits him. once upon a time he went to one court and recived a rahter favorable ruling from a kikuyu judge that allowed him keep stolen land.

    Standard – Feb 24 2006
    Raila family moves to court over land list

    By Judy Ogutu
    A firm owned by the family of former Roads minister Raila Odinga moved to court on Thursday and succeeded in temporarily blocking the Government from implementing the portion of the Ndungu land report that mentions the Kisumu Molasses Plant.

    Raila Odinga
    Before the family moved to court, Raila had claimed that the Government was planning to arrest and charge him with corruption in relation to the acquisition of the land on which the molasses plant stands.
    Spectre International, a multi-million shilling business where Raila once served as managing director and whose other directors are his wife Ida and brother Oburu, yesterday moved to court setting in motion what could be one of the country’s most riveting cases.
    Both Spectre and the molasses plant have a capital base worth billions of shillings and enjoy a hold in the regional market. Spectre supplies gas cylinders while the molasses exports power alcohol to neighbouring countries.
    They are the flagships of the family’s business, which was set up by the family’s patriarch, the doyen of Opposition politics, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Spectre International court move has blocked the State from taking any action on the title for the 112 hectares land where the molasses plant in Kisumu town stands.
    The land on which the plant stands is listed in the Ndung’u report, which is among the past scandals President Kibaki on Wednesday said his Government would act on.
    Irreparable and irredeemable consequences
    Effectively, the court order earned Raila a reprieve temporarily keeping at bay anti-graft investigators.
    Justice minister Martha Karua has repeatedly said the Government will go for those mentioned in current and old reports on corruption and illegal acquisition of public land and other properties.
    Two weeks ago, Raila claimed the Government wanted to jail him over trumped up corruption charges. He claimed he was privy to information about a Cabinet resolution to act on individuals named in the Ndungu land report on irregular land allocations and that he was being targeted over the molasses plant land.
    A High Court Judge, Justice Joseph Nyamu, granted the orders. No member of the Odinga family or representatives of Spectre International were in court, preferring only to send their lawyers.
    The Ndungu Judicial Commission on illegally acquired land says the transfer of the Kisumu plant to the Odinga firm was illegal and has recommended further investigations into how it was allotted. The Odingas argue that if the recommendations of the Ndungu commission are acted upon, they will suffer irreparable and irredeemable consequences.
    The family says it could also suffer complete loss of business, reputation and standing in the market both locally and internationally.
    Also likely to be lost, they add, is a consideration paid for allotment, land rent and rates for the land amounting to Sh9 million in addition to the value of the plant. Credit facilities advanced or promised to be advanced by its financial partners for its activities and operations will equally be lost.
    The firm argues it will suffer substantial loss as it has invested heavily in the rehabilitation and renovation of the plant, machinery, equipment and surroundings of the molasses plant.
    Findings not made public
    Nyamu said he was satisfied that Spectre International Limited had established an arguable case to be allowed to seek for orders prohibiting the Lands minister, Commissioner of Lands and the Attorney General from acting on recommendations and findings of the Ndungu report.
    He gave the temporary blocking orders pending hearing and determination of the main suit.
    “The applicant complains it is threatened and there is ongoing business. The court is of the view that leave operates as stay pending hearing and determination of the suit.”
    In a suit filed under a certificate of urgency, Spectre argued that the Commission of Inquiry on Illegal/Irregular Allocation of Public Land had made a finding that allocations of titles to the parcels of land situated in Kisumu were illegal and recommended that the matter be investigated further.
    The commission was appointed by President Kibaki in July 2003 to inquire into the allocation to private individuals or corporations of public land or lands dedicate or reserved for public purposes.
    The lawyer for the Odinga family, P.L.O Lumumba, said although the commission recommended investigations, the Government had failed to make public the findings of the investigations. He urged the court to certify the matter as urgent, as the Government had stated its intentions to act on the recommendations of the commission “any time from now.”
    He said Spectre International had bought the land “in a transaction consummated in the proper manner and there was a history as early as 1996.”
    99-year leasehold title
    In an affidavit, the firm’s director of procurement and administration, Mr Israel Agina, says that following a request to enable it run the molasses project, it was allotted the parcels of land in September 2001.
    The company was granted a 99-year leasehold title after paying the allotted fees and complying with conditions of allotment.
    Agina further argues that the molasses project was sold to it after the Government abandoned it on the grounds that it was not viable as it would require Treasury to pump into it an annual subsidy of about Sh150 million.
    In June 1996, Spectre placed a financial bid of Sh570 million and was declared the highest bidder thus acquiring the plant.
    In 2001, the firm sought to be allotted the land, a request that was granted. Kenya Chemical and Food Corporation (KCFC) ran the plant before the Odinga family acquired it. It uses a sugar by-product, molasses, to produce power alcohol for the export market.
    “It is only fair that this application, which seeks to compel the Government to publish the findings be heard and determined urgently,” Lumumba argued.
    The Judge declined to allow them to seek orders compelling the Inspector-General (State Corporations), Mr J.M Otenyo and the Head of Civil Service, Mr Francis Muthaura, to make public findings of how the firm was allotted the land.
    He sent the file to Chief Justice Evan Gicheru to await the reply of the five respondents and to fast track the matter for hearing.

  54. Dr. J
    February 4, 2008 at 6:05 am

    What are we doing to stem the violence in Kenya.

    I am saddened by what is happening in my motherland. When I was growing up in Kariobangi South, Omosh, Wangila, Mwamburi, Musembi, Oketch, Oloo were my buddies. I played marbles with them, and did all the crazy things young boys get up to. I did not see them as Luo, Luhya, Taita. Kamba or otherwise. My history and memories are made of them…

    Tribalism only set in when my relatives started making the distinctions for me. In short, I was socialized into tribalism. But I resisted it. My closest friend in my teenage years was a Nandi. My sisters did the same. Now I have a Luo brother-in-law and a Kipsigis bro in law too. My nephew is half Luo half Kyuke (Lukuyu.. as I prefer to joke).

    As a person with a Kikuyu father, I did not benefit from a Kibaki regime, neither will I in the near future. As such, it is flawed to assume that all Kyukes have benfitted from the previous three regimes. The same can be said of people from other communities.

    What is my point here? Both Raila and Kibaki and their lieutenants are recycled cretins from the old order that presided over the rot that Kenya currently finds itself in. Neither is a healthy option for the Kenya we want. Neither is unblemished by the on-goings that occured during the election (rigging) and post- elections ( ODM- planned killings and PNU – armed forces using lethal force against Kenyan citizens). Both are detrimental to the growth of our country. That is the hard cold truth.

    I believe it behooves us who truly believe in a non-tribal Kenya to take this opportunity and forge unity.

    I envy the South Africans…for in their bid to overthrow the apartheid system, they became unified. Maybe, the current spate of violence will be a bitter sweet lesson. But bitter nonetheless.

    My fellow Kenyans… let us not carry burdens of our fore fathers and mothers. Their disputes were theirs…..we have the opportunity to start something new…. Oneness starts with you.

  55. jack aggal
    February 3, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    we all have good points to support our tribes.if you don’t, then you suffer the problems these people suffered; TUJU,WANGARI MAATHAI,MAINA KIAI, you are considered an outcast. the rule is, dont dine with our ‘enemies’. protect the clan at all cost even if it is wrongdoer.
    it does not mean that you guys are right about what you say, but that you are in the ‘correct’ camp. our reality is very much clouded with this tribe thing.

  56. EagleEye
    February 3, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    To all of you who think they know it all and have a solution to this madness. Point of the matter is we have just reached the End of the Rope…

    First there was the rigging claims, followed by No Raila, No Peace, International media was called in to support the first two claims and witness the aftermath; People being killed for no good reason, looting arson then came ethnic cleansing in Luo Nyanza and R.Valley also International mediation team was called in to break the impass.

    Secondly the retaliations begun in Nakuru, Naivasha and parts of Nairobi. At this point some people realized that they we on the receiving end, the events had not turned out as planned. Then Civilian violence was unleashed on their forces; this is what they never expected in their master plans, considering that most of their best and brightest where locked in and surrounded by the so called enemy especially in Nairobi. Now the world started cheering for the oppressed to hit back and they did even harder( we all know what happened in Nakuru and Naivasha). Then in the following week Two opposition MP’s are murder cold blood back to back. it seems the war of hate is finaly at their door step. The public is bombarded with claims of assasination, but they don’t buy it…..fingers start pointing back to the opposition. wololo yah yahe!!!!!!!!!!…..what do we do now. yahwah!!!!…..

    Calls for President Kibaki to enforce security start getting louder from unusual quarters( we all know which ones). The government steps in and opens Nakuru eldoret highway, many opposition foot soldier are caught by surprise( Moi referral hospital Eldoret) The numbers there, we will never know. Most of this opp’s solidiers were promised large salaries, big land and big government positions, it is highly unlikely( even the ones responding on this blog). period

    At this stage they have decide to call this off and make a deal to save face and Life…they are sayin’ “Lets protect ourselves”.
    Soon the pentagon is going to give up this opp’s soldiers and the soldiers will in turn sell their masters. A list is out for even those in the Diaspora be warned. Your host governments will soon be knocking your door.
    So prepare your information, since you will need it when you hit Nairobi on that cold morning for your immunity.

    Did you notice what the AU said about Chadian rebel forces….They will not recognise them if they take the government by the GUN and earlier what did they say to ODM in Addis ababa; We don’t recognise you.

  57. Makali
    February 2, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    As you all know now, anyone in opposition who gets killed is blamed on Kibaki. The circumstances these two folks died under are suspecious. Each of them was seen or was with a woman other than their wife. Mr Were goes drinking with a University chick and drops her off at her diggs in Imara daima :shock: , then goes home at some god forsaken hours and gets gunned down :roll: .
    This Too guy is with some woman everyone is saying she is a cousin. FYI Some people bone their cousins. :evil:
    Point is, some politicians are using the deaths of these guys to cry wolf and the fact is no one even knew these guys let alone having a motive to kill them.

  58. edge.of.sanity
    February 2, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    Kenyans everywhere,

    I’ve set up Guardians of Peace [a work in progress] where Kenyans can continue to promote peace, share their positive messages, encourage brotherhood and sisterhood and recognize those who have risen above the madness in their own way since the politicians won’t. I’m looking to catalog the sanity, love, compassion, reconciliation of ordinary Kenyans.
    To that end, I seek any stories that reinforce the fact that most Kenyans want peace [by all definitions] unity and prosperity and the first step is to end the violence. From there it will be a long difficult road towards true peace.
    I might be going about it the wrong way so any ideas are welcome. The idea is to find information that defies the perceived [or actual] truism in Kenya.

    Let me know – kenyanvoices@gmail.com

    Thank you



  59. Anonymous
    February 2, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    the clock is ticking

    and the people are growing impatient, when will RUTO’s ass be caught and put where it needs to be put ?

    Surely, there cannot be any peace when the inciters of violence and genocide are known, still at large and walking freely making more speeches.

    RUTO Needs to be arrested, prosecuted and brought to Justice.

    Kibaki needs to show people that his government is seriuos.

    These are the days I miss Michuki being the Internal Security Minister. Ruto’s ass would have been toast by now!

    but as LEOODD Said, it’s not good when the blood of innocent children cries out lod, surely this man will be brought to justice!!

  60. Concerned Kiuk
    February 2, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    Bobo, what makes you think you are the only one who made contribution to the red cross.Well i know alot of guys who have already taken the mantle and mobilsed the community to do the same….i being one. So stop passing judgements on people,instead you should be encouraging pple to follow the same route. It is sad again when someone doesn’t support the ruling elite you are quick to jump your gun and call them crazy kenyans. With all due respect what makes you think you are behaving differently from the uninformed village folk who thinks burning properties or killing the poor guy next door is going to solve anything. Surely i’d rather play village politics with a village folk coz i know they might not be well informed rather than playing the same politics with a guy who claims to have seen the light…well maybe you have seen the darkness instead.With that being said lets all rise up to the occasion and start preaching peace instead.We are planting seeds of hatred even to our kids which gonna take a long time to cure,lets all stand up and be counted among the peace makers during this trying time.

  61. MZEIYA
    February 2, 2008 at 3:11 pm


    I did not mean Sally Kosgey, but HENRY KOSGEY. And Yes, Henry KOSGEY is a career Warlord just as Sally Kosgey is a career diplomat.
    If you don’t believe me it’s all in the Akiwmi report..which I’ll post up soon.

    Henry Kosgey has been sponsoring and inciting clashes ever since the Moi days back in his own back yard of Tinderet.

    This guy is also unbelievable greedy, I mean he was head of KNAC, Kenya national assurance Co. and the guy brought it down. I mean how do you bring a company down that has virtual monopoly in government insurance ?

  62. kenyanentrepreneur
    February 2, 2008 at 12:52 pm


    That is a fair question. I made my contribution to the red cross online and I hope this small contribution goes into a larger pool to help ALL the victims of this violence. However, please remember what the role of blogs are – it is really to provide opinion, analysis and commentary. You obviously are interested in this aspect of blogs because you are here reading and commenting! People need a place to vent and to talk and the blogs are providing a place for them to do that and I think this too, is a contribution, not just for Kenyans, but for others who are trying to understand what’s going on in the country. So, I’ll turn the question back to you – what are you doing?

    That’s an interesting analogy you make to the Biafran war.

  63. Shikwekwe
    February 2, 2008 at 10:43 am

    The mistake people made was not condeming the first acts of violence against innocent people in Kisumu or Eldoret. Raila was going to use this to his advantage and Kibaki was probably asleep or drunk to even know what was going on. Now we are a point where we either condemn or killing of innocent people or we are heading into a civil war. Checkl Nigerian Biafra war, this is how it started. An inept govt. responded to late, and the country went to hell. Kenya is showing all the signs of countries before her that plunged into civil war. Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Liberia, Nigeria e.t.c. We are following a blue print that is set to destruction. So whoever sits here and talks of Raila is the best he was robbed, or Kibaki won and he is the best…make sure they will take you and your family out of the country as they flee with theirs when all hell breaks loose.

  64. Shikwekwe
    February 2, 2008 at 10:38 am

    Obambla i get that i do not fault Railas’ ambition. I fault that in the quest for his ambition and aspirations, he is willing to see the country go to hell. I fault him for using his tongue, being a great orator, to whip up the blood of even the most gentile of his supporters to warriors. The chaos being seen in Kenya, Raila from day one of killings in Kisumu and Eldoret, those chants of “no Raila no peace” he should have distanced himeslf from that. Am not saying Kibaki is better, he is obviously oblivious to the plight of Kenyans. But on the other hand, Raila is coming out of this one as the main culprit. Remember you scream fire in a theatre and ppl get trampled on….u r guilty of murder. Watch as America slaps a visa Ban on either him or those around him…he is going to bear the brunt of blame.

  65. bobo
    February 2, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Crazy kenyan with even crazy story,

    i will use this blog to pose a challenge to all bloggers plus visitors….all said and done…WHAT ARE YOU DOING AS AN INDIVIDUAL TO CHANGE THE SITUATION IN YOUR COUNTRY BE IT TRIBAL, POLITICAL OR WHICHEVER OTHER WAY YOUR PERCEIVE IT TO BE? :?: :?:

    In my opinion Kikuyus were cheated (me being one of them part maasai+part kikuyu) by their rich tribesmen to protect their wealth. We are left pointing accusing fingers, doing this, saying that yet the real culprits …(read rich tycoons that control kenyan economy) are drinking $300 whiskey in their clubs……sic

  66. Concerned Kiuk
    February 2, 2008 at 5:23 am

    Well i’ve read alot of posts and it is saddening that alot of people are still playing tribal politics. We kikuyus are our worst enemies,we have embraced the attitude of hear no evil see no evil when it comes to the likes of Kibaki’s. These elitist kiuk politicians dont really care about the ordinary guys as they continue with their lifes as if nothing is wrong. They never used to care when the Mungiki was skinning pple alive and so what makes you think they care now. Remember Mungiki was Kiuks killing Kiuks!!!!. The chaos we are seeing now are as a result of no leadership, we seem to confuse hands off approach kind of leadership with No leadership at all. Kibaki is of the kind who never picks up the phone to issue a command,order or some of kind of direction. He prefers to stay neutral on everything. I’ve been following the mediation process closely and it’s sad to say Kibaki seems to be the main obstacle to the peace process. I was shocked when he read a different version of press statement from the one that was previously approved by Annan. To add an insult to an injury, he was today quoted telling the U.N boss in Ethiopia that the current crisis can only be solved through the court process…i mean who is he fooling,? who doesn’t know the justice system in Kenya went to the dogs long time ago and no real change have been effected so far. I think it is about time we need to re-evaluate our commitments to our leaders,we should support leaders who are willing to bring real change despite their tribal affiliations. Frankly i think in Kenya we need a leader who is a radical in a positive way. History has taught us that some of the feared radicals or call them rebels has turn out to the saviours of their countries. Some of the said rebels are people like Jerry Rawlings of Ghana. Museveni (used to be nice),Joachim Chissano of Mozambique and the top cream of all Mr. Paul Kagame of Rwanda just to say the least. All in all we need to condemn the injustice being meted on the innocent people.Surely the peasant man, the ordinary guy next has nothing to do with what happened at the KICC. Why should we kill the innocent while the guilty ones are going on with their lifes as if nothing happened? why burn the houses of the guys who are living hand to mouth while the offenders are having their big cakes in their big mansions, are they the cause of all this? Surely the anger is being pent out on the people.

    February 2, 2008 at 2:05 am

    What is wrong with Raila being ambitious. Show me a politian who does not dream of one day being a minister and finally president and and I will call you a liar! Raila has for most parts of his life struggled for the good of the common man, against the dictatorial and tribal administrations of the past govts. Otherwise he would have insisted that he goes for the presidency in 2002 and not pronounce somebody else in the name of Kibaki to be the captain. He would have suggested that because the captain was on a wheelchair, they should nominate a nother captain and take advantage of it. Raila does not just betray but he is not pretentious and not a psycophant. He does not pretend and keep quiet to dictators and poor governors .The fact that Raila moved from Ford Kenya has not made ford k better, he moved from kanu and kanu is not better without him either. It is not his journey, nor is it his party position, but what he stands for, whichever the party is, that is why he has so much grassroot support..

  68. Stop The eating..I choose NO devil...just CHANGE
    February 1, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    Sally Kosegey…a warlord…too funny Mzeiya….now this is becoming comedic….everyone knows she is a career accomplished diplomat…if only you could take of those tribal tinted glasses for a second….*sigh*…

    I think the current situation is a failure across the board of the current politicians to address Kenya’s .issues..it just happens that Kibs and his cronies happend to have been in power for the past 5 years and their “eating” is the most fresh in peoples memories…Kenyatta started it and Moi perfected the art…our leaders are plagued with an ideology of “eating” which has gotten us to the point we are at.

    It is sad…kenya has so much potential..can you guys imagine if we could do away with this Ukabila BS?!? I went to a national school and it was great to rub shoulders with all tribes like i’m sure most of you did when you were in high school…don’t you guys think we need to start thinking more independently….I choose no devil…because I know Kenyans deserve leaders who are better….

    and in premption to those who says we just say we have 2 devils….it is interesting that those who oppose ODM keep harping about how bad/evil Raila is and how murderous he is….I don’t know about Raila’s presidential credentials but I am confident he has enough intelligent and non-psycophantic people around him to keep him in check… he has shown genuine desire and will power to change the status quo….I definitely think kenyans deserve CHANGE….

    I would almost have preferred Kalonzo until he accepted the VP position…to me this move, while seeming politically astute, is an indication the guy has no values in accepting a post when knowing full well that there were *serious* irregularites with the elections…why be in such a hurry when the election result is in dispute….and i mean not just crying over spilt milk..but serious dispute…

    our leaders need to start having some sense of morality!

  69. MZEIYA
    February 1, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    T FIG,

    Yeah, Maina Kiai is in the U.S, he was meeting up with state dept officials last week.

    Maina Kiai has surely been acting strange of late. He was always quick to point out injustice for the common man in kenya, but of late the guy has become more political.

    I’d not be surprised if his hands were greased by ODM, especially the way he totally refused to condemn the church burning incident. No wonder he was heckled by the victims.

    There’s this thing in kenya where everyone on the street knows who’s done what, but they won’t tell it to ur face, they just give yu those “I know what u did ” look.

    I don’t blame moi for removing kyuks and Kales from the army, he had to secure his loyalty.

    If indeed Maina Kiai was compromised by ODM, then he’ll be or is already in between a hard place and a rock.slowly people are starting to realize what a fraud ODM really is, led by warlords liek RUTO and KOSGEY.

  70. KE
    February 1, 2008 at 5:56 pm


    Maina is in Washington DC trying to get the U.S. congress to get more involved in Kenya’s crisis.

  71. T. Fig
    February 1, 2008 at 5:52 pm


    lol……I’d highly suggest then that you make sure the pilot is not Kale, he may become jealous and do somethin stupid.

    A week after the cleansing started we drove to ELD to collect some equipment/goods and hired some security…….not mungiki but tugens(moi’s tribe) though we had a Kau in the mix and they were all ex-recce unit & they were saying the kales need to know what Moi did after the 82 coup ie getting rid of kyuks & luos from the forces and govt and it will surely happen to them. Some kales don’t care for this BS but unfortunately you are right that one cannot trust them. Though cautious, we refuse fear to alter our maisha.

    Rumour has it that Maina Kiai has left the country…….. hope its true! word has it he had his palms were greased by ODM!

  72. Kinoo
    February 1, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    Dee may stand for Dickhead, read the post carefully, I just forwarded an email I received. Whatever the content of the email was I have no knowledge of it being fact or bogus information.

  73. DeepThought
    February 1, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    It must be obvious who stands to benefit from continued violence. The PNU position has been to bring the dispute before the court or parliament if need be while that of ODM has been to reject the government and make the country ungovernable until Kibaki resigns.

    The question is this. Why is there violence? The last elections took as many days to determine the final count. The only advantage was that the margin was not close at all and the outcome was clear.

    Finally, if Kibaki was responsible for the violence, why would he allow Jendayi, Annan, Mkapa and Machel to travel the country freely on fact finding missions interviewing all victims as well as all cameras from the whole world.

    The US find themselves in a hard place. The ambassador in Kenya was advocating for the opening of the airwaves for live broadcast and went on live. At the same time, the Human Rights Watch published a damning report after investigations that some radio stations were directly involved in the crimes against humanity.

  74. MZEIYA
    February 1, 2008 at 1:26 pm


    It seems you undertsand that TZ is not Kenya’s friend. THEIR QUIETNESS IN ALL THIS is very suspect.

    And no one should get it twisted, Mkapa came in his own personal capacity not on behalf of TZ.

  75. MZEIYA
    February 1, 2008 at 1:14 pm


    You guys understand what’s really going on. As I said earlier, ODM does not like independent minds that don’t kiss Raila’s ass.

    Were did not pull theatrix during swearing in ceremony. It’s reported that he had grown disillusioned by his party and that he was considering defecting.

    Don’t forget he was scheduled to meet with Kibaki the following day- then he was killed.

    I mean, all this conspiracies that the government did it.

    As someone said above, the government has nothing to gain by kiling nobody MP’s who are government friendly anyway.

    ODM knows it’s house is not in order nor is it united. It has alot of new MP’s who are young , fresh and independent and I’m sure Were’s death was a lesson to them.

    As for the Kimutai Too saga, I don’t know much about it so I can’t speculate. But it’s sad for Raila and Co to try get political mileage out of it with wild allegations…but yet again, should I be surprised ?

  76. KE
    February 1, 2008 at 1:06 pm


    When have I ever said that kibaki was less self-interested or less manipulative? I’ve simply picked my devil.

    And you seem to agree with me when I said that Mwenje is a thug and is probably responsible for Were’s death. I said the exact same thing in my post when I talked about were’s death. I don’t think you’ve seen that post. Check it out.

  77. Sijui
    February 1, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    KE what a rapid descent in to parochialism and tribal cocoons!!!!!! Everyone and their mother knows that Were’s death was an assassination, the thuggery and deviousness of Mwenje and his goons is WELL KNOWN IN NAIROBI!!!!

    You’re turning in to another Kibaki apologist and defending the reprehensible! Yes, Raila is no saint, and yes Raila is self servingly manipulating the situation for his own advantage but do you want to pretend now that Kibaki is LESS self interested and manipulative?

  78. DeepThought
    February 1, 2008 at 11:46 am

    I think Marende is the happiest of the ODM mps, having safely dumped the party by becoming the speaker. He has also been doing very well since then. About the violence, Raila and ODM have used street violence for a long time.

    The nominations were very violent, so was the campaign and Orengo’s driver was killed amongst others who lost their lives ODM style.

  79. kenyanentrepreneur
    February 1, 2008 at 11:27 am


    Thanks for that correction. Let me ask you – can you tell me the different sub-clans within the Luhya community and what are the differences? is the language the same? are the customers different, etc, etc.

  80. jtmd
    February 1, 2008 at 10:35 am

    @ indifferent.
    It is possible, It would also explain why ODM didnot want secret balloting when parliament was voting for house speaker. ODM all showed who they were voting for.

  81. indifferent
    February 1, 2008 at 7:25 am

    What if ..I mean cause everyone here is thinking it’s the government who is doing all the killing here … so what if (thinking outside the box)… they are taking out their own people whom they deem as unstable and may defect to the government side hence … stopping them from widening the crack that’s already formed in their “political” movement.
    I mean it makes alot of sense looking at it from that perspective since the government has nothing to lose having those guyz in parliament , I mean the people who have something to lose are the opposition.

  82. Julie
    February 1, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I have just read what was posted by Kinoo, about what the kalenjins were circulating in order to justify the killings.
    It might be the saddest story ave read so far.It only justifies what has been going on. If these people still think we live in the colonial period they are very mistaken. The kalenjins will be ignored by any moral human being who is seeing all what is happening. Whoever lied to the kalenjins that Raila being the president could benefit them would have as well have lied.
    First after the peace talk, all the inciters will be taken to jailed and executed if found guilty. No one can stand to see innocent people dying just because someone wanted to use the divide and conquer rule so that they can win.
    I believe more than ever the existence of God and He can not let the massacre plan of the kalenjins to happen. Anyone who kills an innocent person MUST be brought to justice, PERIOD.

  83. nyambo
    February 1, 2008 at 5:41 am

    We all have to acknowledge that whether Kikuyu or Kale or Luo, we are human beings. None of us choose to be born Kenyan or Somali or American leave alone Kamba, Kikuyu etc. The common thing however is that we are human souls and we hold alot of power by ourselves.

    I always say I believe it is only the individual who can change the world. when we quote great speeches or phrases, we only asssociate them with an individual not a community, e.g Martin Luther King not African American etc.. The individual has a lot of power and potential at his will he makes different choices every minute. What I have not understood however is how one or 2 people can influence a group of individuals to kill their neighbours.

    The people who give you salt, whose children play with yours. And the same people come back in 5 then 10 years and influence you to keep doing the same. If this was about economic inequality, then the Kalenjins would be threefold ahead of the Kikuyus in RV, who they have killed and dispaced three times in the last 15 years. Every time their houses were burnt, they worked and rebuilt them and went past their Kalenjin neighbour economically before their next attack.

    My point is, why cant the Kalenjin leaders learn what the Kikuyu community is doing that they dont do so they can teach their people.

    The Jews were faced by the same rejection in Europe, but all of us who blogs here knows that they never managed to finish them and that they currently control the world.

    Ever checked on all Similarities Raila has with Hitler? I think Hitler is Railas role model, everything Raila does was once done by Hitler. This is just three of the many similarities;

    Economic boycott of Kibaki’s allies businesses (Read Kikuyu) was the last trick in the ODM (Or is it DoMO) bag. This trick first used by young Hitler in Germany against the Jews was a way to control economic muscle of a people. Well in Germany it was largely ignored by the masses. Hitler has a lot of parallels with Raila. He used to call himself the people’s fuehrer just like Raila calls himself the people’s president. He called his campaign the third Reich just like Raila’s is aptly named the third liberation. Hitler had a life consuming hate of the Jews just like its apparent that Raila passionately hates the kikuyu. But it affects the ordinary citizen not the fat cats.

    Has anyone ever thought of what Kenya would be now if Kivuitu had declared Raila the winner??? I would like to know

  84. Omusajja
    February 1, 2008 at 5:01 am

    First the author of the mail must get his facts right. Mugabe Were is not a Bukusu. He is a Mnyala from Budalangi.

    Secondly Bukusus did not overwhelmingly vote for Kibaki. It was 50-50.

    Kibaki may not be an evil man but his henchmen are! One is Michuki.

  85. John
    February 1, 2008 at 4:31 am

    plis tell this ODM mps that they should stop sleepin and playing around with other people wives. otherwise we will see more death. and i support it you do it because you are an mp you die.

  86. Leoedd
    February 1, 2008 at 2:58 am

    The only problem is that our minds ghave been changed to think like ODM/PNU, who have the smallest brains available for sale at the moment. yet these crooks know that this parties as of now have no goodwill and will form others come the next election to hoodwink us and think theyre different. Theyre just a bunch of crooks, who call dead kenyans heroes, and a shot MP and assasination. When will they ever see the sanctity of life? Though personally i see this was meant to hurt a tribe, it has come to hurt everyone. It is so sad to know there are people who used to earn a legal income and live a normal life and are now paid to kill. About grabbing, DEE your gud. But i dont need to kill my neighbour because Raila, Biwott, Ruto even has grabbed plots near ther ailway at Jogoo road. Both members of PNU and ODM are corrupt. Stop being emotional here. their personal interests and make us think theyre the redeemers. Crooks to the bone and wicked are they! Think of peace with your neighbour. When your killed , these crooks will call you a hero and forget about your suffering wife and children. Dont think like a LUO/KIUK/KALLE etc, live above the ODM/PNU spirit, then and only then will you be a great kenyan.

  87. dee
    February 1, 2008 at 2:28 am

    KINOO- You are one ignorant piece of crap! Then tell me about the clashes of 1992 and 1997…Moi was in power then. What about the “made in korea” arrows intercepted at JKIA.The media exposed it and then there was a cover up.Your crap is too long but I’ll summarise my response in a few words. All those accusations against Kikuyus…you did it to yourself through your leaders. Are you personally that stupid? Do you know your “Kalenjin mafia” grabbed so much land and unlike “Kiambu mafia” who kept it,they(Kalenjins) sold it mostly to Moi government corporations at gazillion prices (read NSSF,KCC,ADC,Kenya Pipeline,Post bank,Kenya posta,Kenya Coffee etc)Who you think lost most money and savings through these corrupt deals…kikuyus. If you want to address trivial issues then we can go back all the way to “OUKO murder”. You think its right if Luos kill Kalenjins because the “Kalenjin mafia” killed beloved Ouko?. Or Nandi attack Luhya (read Okondo prophecy) to avenge Bishop Muge’s death? Stop your hate to drive your evil agenda.And by the way STOP misusing KOITALEL SAMOEI’s name in vain.He never said he was a Kalenjin leader.History knows him as a “Nandi leader”. During his time “Kalenjin” never existed. We all know just like GEMA (Kiambu mafia),the “KALENJIN” was a pawn created by Moi cronies to advance their political agenda. I bet Koitalel did not even know the word “Kalenjin”…….swallow a chill pill!

  88. DeepThought
    February 1, 2008 at 2:23 am

    There is also the supposed reason that it is to reduce ODM majority in parliament. Surely that constituency will vote for ODM again. I think the whole world should watch carefully.

  89. Shikwekwe
    February 1, 2008 at 2:01 am

    About this cop, am a conspiracy theory buff, i like angles, but a political assasination? Thats a lil’ out there. Why would govt. assasinate a “nobody” mp? And like anonymous quoted from the standard, you somehow omitted to tell about eye witness account of the woman seeming to know her attacker, reffered him by name Mogaka. He also tried to strangle her before shooting her, clearly even you can see this is a crime of passion. You strangle someone who you want to cause pain, as much as they caused you…psych 101. Kenyan police granted have a shady past on investigations, but for you to scream bloody assasination on this one, cheap rants. Careful i said, your actions have an effect. You scream fire in a crowded theatre, ppl trampled to death, you are guilty of murder….Law 101.

  90. This
    February 1, 2008 at 1:57 am

    According to police officials and witnesses, Mr. Too, who friends said was 39 or 40, spent the morning with Eunice Chepkwony, a policewoman who was dating another police officer, Andrew Moache. Mr. Too and Ms. Chepkwony were driving near the woman’s house on the outskirts of Eldoret when Mr. Moache pulled up next to them on a motorcycle. The police said Mr. Moache had suspected that his girlfriend was seeing someone else and was enraged to find her with another man.

    Witnesses said that Ms. Chepkwony jumped out of the car to beg Mr. Moache not to kill them. He shot Ms. Chepkwony in the stomach and Mr. Too in the head several times. Mr. Too died instantly. Ms. Chepkwony bled to death in a hospital a few hours later. The police said they later arrested Mr. Moache as he tried to flee.

  91. Shikwekwe
    February 1, 2008 at 1:54 am

    Sad sad that you guys miss the boat on this one. Willing to lay down your lives for so someone else can have the title “President”. How noble of you Kenyans to hack each other in the name of democracy. I hope sarcasm is not lost in translation here.
    Raila, Raila, one of this days it will come back to haunt you all the war mongering you seem to be on. kibaki for christ sake, you say you are the president, will you provide security for kenyans. And Kenyans please this barbaric rants ppl are on, its a shame. Has anyone visited kalenjin.net? If there ever will be a trial some of you bloggers need to be defendants. Some of you calling for bloodshed, i hope it gets ur loved ones first so you can know the pain. Please stop preaching hate while tucked away behind a computer, the damage you cause is real.

  92. Anonymous
    February 1, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Here is what the MPs family said (as lifted ffrom the standard)in rebuttal to Ali’s tall tale

    “Eunice was a neighbour and a family friend. They were not in a love affair as the Police Commissioner claimed,” said Langat.

    He continued: “This is a cover-up by the police in an attempt to distort information. The police should tell Kenyans the truth instead of taking us in circles.”

    He said the woman was a relative and there was no way they could be involved in an affair.”

    As you can see, this is not such a clear case as you and Ali would like us to believe.

    I would appeal to your sense not to use such tragic events for cheap propaganda. Such wild stories will only add to the family’s pain

  93. kenyanentrepreneur
    February 1, 2008 at 1:13 am

    I don’t expect you to believe it. You have a mind of your own and you can believe whatever you choose.

  94. Anonymous
    February 1, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Given the weight of the topic you are writing on, the least we can expect from you is to be sensible enough not to write based on wild imagination. Of course such expectation is based on oour assumption that you are a reasonable and mature person.

    Since when are investigations determined in the heat of the moment. We heard the same tale about Robert Ouko. Initial tall tales had police suggesting it was a love triangle and then suicide. Now we know better.

    How did the police determine the motive without an investigation, an in both cases, they were able to determine immediately. Their speed almost rivalled God’s.

    YIf you dont take us for fools then you are one. How else did you expect us to believe this

  95. Hussein Musa
    February 1, 2008 at 12:36 am

    Brother are using your money to spread more hate and more killings?
    also you should know Raila, Ruto,Kibaki are each heroes to there people so insulting either of them is waste of space and energy. The day in kenya we elect leaders based on issues is the day we would stop chopping each other with pangas. Kenya problem is a typical african problem just cause we have choose to unite despite all arounds us etc, somalia,uganda going to the dogs of civil wars. I was there in kenya for last three months before election and believe me people where openly insulting each based on on the tribe. In fact everyone was at it and these have been left unchecked has exploded due to one main factor being rigged elections.
    The root cause of kenya problem is also historic land dispute between etc kikuyus and kalenjins,Luos and kikuyus wars on political domination. There are many others issues that have been swept under carpet that would resurface in enviroment where poverty gap is getting wider and wider.You should use all you energy trying to understand the other side and finding solution to problem facing kenya.Our kenya is no more we are now divided with no point of return to kenya we knew.If you are now a kikuyu you are only safe in certain areas in kenya.While for rest it hard as well.The present goverment lack of understanding and authority is goner lead kenya to civil war.Civil war is a slow painful downward spiral to total lose of control.Kibaki has lost it completely when instead of protecting his own people against hate mob In R. Valley he choose to take his security forces to kill unarmed luos in kisumu.For me that show how he is hostage to hate ruling class around him.

  96. MeruDamu
    February 1, 2008 at 12:23 am

    Anyone who did not know that TZ’s are quietly rejoicing at our misfortune might as well not know who TZ’s are. This jamaas I know them very well, and one thing I can tell you for sure is they hate Kenya and Kenyans as a whole with a passion. But they will be in for a rude shock as my friend said because once we emerge out of this crisis which am sure we will Kenya will be in a far better position and more stable. We need to take note that TZ’s have not reached to the level of politicking that Kenya has reached am not hoping they learn from our mistakes otherwise once they get to the level of politics that Kenya has reached then they too might be in for some serious dudu. On Raila, this moron is an opportunist to the fullest he will twist any story just to get political mileage out of it, he really has no conscience at all, that’s why he will never get a position power anymore because a lot of Kenyans who supported him have really gotten a chance to see who he is and his true motives.

  97. MZEIYA
    February 1, 2008 at 12:14 am

    No wonder William RUTO Was so adamant about MAJIMBO. We now see why.

  98. jtmd
    January 31, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    When did it become acceptable to rape, burn, hack to death anyone that does support one views?

    How can anyone say that anyone of those perpetrating this evil is “fighting for justice”. What justice? whose Justice? How can one party do unjust and claim to want justice. No one gets justice unless you are/do just.

    Kenyans we can no longer afford accept unaccountable leaders. Maybe some here don’t realize it but we no longer have the luxury of sychophancy. We have to listen, think, judge and decide what your leaders at saying. And we all have to be our brother’s keepers. Never feel immune when your leader is doing ungodly things. You set a trend where others have the right to do those things to you too. Evil only begets itself

    Huyu mgeni amekuwa akitembelea wa kikuyu wakati wa kura wamemkataa, they’ve said enough. They are retaliating.

    Give people justice and equal rights and there will be peace

  99. DeepThought
    January 31, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    The most interesting thing is that ODM have brought the attention of the world to the issues and then when everything is examined, the whole world will be in the front row watching.

  100. kenyanentrepreneur
    January 31, 2008 at 11:10 pm


    That the violence was planned, is now not in doubt and like I said earlier, it has forever ruined Raila’s chance at the presidency.

    And people keep missing my point when I say that the planners of the ethnic cleansing in the rift valley are going to pay a price for their banal operation. This is not the first time they have done it; it’s actually the 3rd time. It’s gone on for too long and too many lives have been destroyed.

  101. DeepThought
    January 31, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Annan also said that the killings were systematic. This is a very strong term used for planned or organized killings.

    I wonder why leader would be calling for mass action while there is mass killing going on.

  102. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 10:49 pm


    Ati the clashes were not organized? r u for real daddi ? the fact that after elections were announced more than 250,000 people are displaced within days, most of whom are kyuks ? C’mon u guy, fungua akili!

    are u seriuosl;y calling Jendayi ignorant for telling the truth ? yes , she actually did visit these areas and she’s just reporting what she saw.
    That’s why the American state dept is kind of conflicted and not agreeing to her statements.

    Those state dept guys are based in comfortable washington and all they do is get reports faxed and emailed to them from kenya, while Jendayi was actually down there in Eldy, and saw first hand the suffering that the people went under

  103. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    T FIG

    “Lets be creative and innovative in how we deal with the crises coze if we use the kawaida resolutions we’ll achieve the kawaida results.”

    WOW, BRILLIANT POINT. It’s time for new strategy and it shouldn’t be business as usual.

    I have a feeling that RUTO & Co. know they are going down and have decided to inflict as much damage as possible before they go down.

    T FIG, You”l be flying to kale areas in the a.m. and leaving in the p.m. ? wow, true businessman.

    I’d highly suggest then that you make sure the pilot is not Kale, he may become jealous and do somethin stupid.

  104. DaDon
    January 31, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Since this is your hard line stance. I will gurantee you that as a Kenyan, I will never stop fighting against a corrupt regime. You can say whatever you want to say about Raila, who by the way has not been tried as a president, but I will never stop and agree with the injustice that has plagued our country for years. It is a different generation. Change must come and be for the better.

  105. Jna
    January 31, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    I will address the issue that is relevant to this post.

    No self respecting statesman will draw conclusions of a crime or murder without an investigation, not in public. It is very unprofessional and in this case self serving. Raila knows better than to air his views in such a matter. That is nothing short of careless talk that only an illetrate person can engage in. That is just in line with ODM and all their malicious propaganda from the get-go. Its hard to keep up with them because this is where they do best. I hope kibaki continues to retain his dignity.

    With all the negatives weighing on raila as a human being, its easy to see the man lacks discipline in general. Thus all the crimes in his name and all the enemies he has made. It’s hard to have respect for such a relentless heartless human being. I think one thing people should remember when listening to raila is he lacks a conscience, that is hard to beat and keep up with.

    Every thing he says can only keep the clashes going.

  106. kingshark
    January 31, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Odinga is a buffoon the chaos in Kenya will affect the luo and Kalenjins more than the kikuyus. The Kikuyus in central have asked the luos to leave they asked them kindly, i bet you Luos didnt do the same for us.

  107. Bahati
    January 31, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    I believe that Kales were traditionally cattle herders and Kuks farmers. Is it any suprise that after colonialisation the Kuks were fast enough to aquire land while Kale’s were busy getting the “oppressors” cattle?

    Kuks are business minded “African Jews” and we will rise and build our businesses. You Kale’s can keep your “ancestor’s” land and we will see what you can make out of it. We can get an idea of what will happen since Kuks have been in power for kedo 18 years and Kale’s for 24 years (one fake A#* Plaza in Eldi town)

  108. anonimous
    January 31, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    At the end of the day, what have you achieved by name calling? ..oh by the way….there is a civil war going on in kenya, just a reminder just incase ..u know

  109. Peter
    January 31, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Raila had promised to make the country ungovernable unless Kibaki steps down. Has he succeeded in this or not?

  110. Shikwekwe
    January 31, 2008 at 9:06 pm

    Does it matter who stole or rigged elections? Murder, cold blood murder does not need an excuse. Those responsible should be held accountable, whatever reaons you want to give. Killing of innocent people does not correct your percieved sense of injustice, it actually compounds it. Should we be allowed to impune on the right to live of others while we protest our right to a democratic state? How ironic that you are killing others in the name of democracy stolen. “Our” leaders including Raila for saying “do not kill kisis…” , for calling on demos, for calling the MPS murder assasinations knowing very well all these will spurn his supporters into chaos is guilty as well. Kibaki for not providing secuirty to the citizens is guilty of gross negligence, if he armed the Mungiki, or even allowed them to operate under his mandate, he is guilty of crimes against humanity. But at the end of the day, Kenyans are guilty for taking sides in these nonesense. And if the people in these Kenyan blogs are the educated Kenyans, the savvy Kenyans and yet they are divided on tribal lines, rejoicing in the misery of fellow Kenyans, i feel sorry for the path Kenya is embarking on. Next stop all out civil war.

  111. Anonymous
    January 31, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    Does it matter who stole or rigged elections. Murder, cold blood murder does not need an excuse. Those responsible should be held accountable, whatever reaons you want to give. Killing of innocent people does not correct your percieved sense of injustice, it actually compounds it. Should we be allowed to impune on the right to live of others while we protest our right to democratic state? “Our” leaders including Raila for saying “do not kill kisis…” , for calling on demos, for calling the MPS murder assasinations knowing very all these will spurn his supporters into chaos is guilty as well. Kibaki for not providing secuirty to the citizens is guilty of gross negligence, if he armed the Mungiki, or even allowed them to operate under his mandate, he is guilty of crimes against humanity. But at the end of the day, Kenyans are guilty for taking sides in these nonesense.

  112. Johnny
    January 31, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Nyamachoma, are you as stupid and biggoted as your name sounds. How can you rejoice that people are being killed and hope that more of them get killed? Innocent people some dont even live in the riftvalley. Goodness heavens , how could you be such a cold blooded person? I hope one day you get to leap the fruits of your dirty heart and mind. How can you live in peace with yourself? What do you stand to gain if the Kalenjins wipe out the Kikuyus, I am sorry for the kikuyus who may be your neighbours coz you could easily kill them and of course for such a blood thirsty animal after the kikuyus it will be someone else at fault. To me you sound like a very jealousy , useless excuse of a human being.

  113. aKenyan
    January 31, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Please stop all this tribal talk. Kenya is in trouble! Stop the hate. These politicians that you are fighting for in your blogs dont care about you.

    Rich politicians are now recruiting poor people to fight their stupid wars… Do these financiers of gangs/militias think about the repercussions of arming people who have nothing to lose with guns? When they are done killing innocent people in the slums, they will match on to the “sheltered” parts of Nairobi and other towns… Be very afraid.


    Kenya’s turmoil is gang opportunity
    By KATHARINE HOURELD, Associated Press Writer

    NAIROBI, Kenya – As Kenya splits along ethnic lines and the body count spirals, desperate residents say they are turning to once-hated gangs for protection.

    And some say politicians are using gang members as militias.

    One gang recruiter in Nairobi said she receives about 30 calls daily from people seeking membership, and politicians — including a government minister — are offering money for weapons to fuel the furor over the presidential election.

    At a camp for displaced families in Nairobi’s Mathare slum, she led the crowd in a Kikuyu song before asking those whose homes were burned or looted whether they would consider joining the Mungiki gang. Much of the postelection violence has pitted President Mwai Kibaki’s Kikuyu against other ethnic groups.

    “If we are many, we can go and chase those people,” she explained, the ragged crowd staring at her designer sunglasses and gold high heels delicately poised above the mud. “This is the time to join us.”

    Hands shot up around the circle.

    Elsewhere in the slums, recruitment is under way by gangs associated with other tribes. The Taliban, for example, is made up of members of opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Luo people. The origins of its name are unclear, but appear more inspired by the Afghan group’s fearsome reputation than its extremist Islamic ideology.

    The Mungiki began as a quasi-religious group dedicated to promoting Kikuyu culture in the 1980s and flourished during Kikuyu leader Uhuru Kenyatta’s failed presidential bid in 2002. The Taliban and other ethnic militias, like the Sungu-Sungu and the Chinkororo, emerged in response, members say.

    The state-funded Kenya National Commission on Human Rights says strong “circumstantial evidence” links the police to more than 450 execution-style murders of young men last year during a crackdown on the Mungiki. The police deny it.

    The crackdown ended two months before the Dec. 27 election. The violence that followed has claimed over 850 lives.

    “Why are we seeing Mungiki still harassing people here?” Odinga said Wednesday in Nairobi’s Kibera slum. “Mungiki is the unofficial arm of the government. They are the ones who are being brought here because the government wants it to appear as if it was a civilian thing. So the police provide the cover.”

    But police chief Ali Hussein says he is not aware of any gang mobilization within Nairobi.

    Slum residents accuse police of firing at random, killing innocent civilians, or simply refusing to come into the slums when the gangs prowl the alleyways at night.

    “The head officer said, ‘Let them fight each other. We will come in the morning to pick up the bodies’,” said a member of the Taliban gang. He said he called police to report the murder of a Luo friend in the Mathare slum by a group of Kikuyus. “When they didn’t come, we had to go out to protect ourselves,” he said.

    The gang took to the streets armed with machetes, he said.

    He, the Mungiki recruiter and the other gang members interviewed by The Associated Press spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of police or gang reprisals.

    Several members of different gangs said rich businessmen were offering gangs about $15 a day to protect their property. Politicians on both sides — mostly at the local or regional level — also offered cash to buy guns, the gang members said.

    The Taliban member said he knew of 10 fellow gang members who had bought guns recently.

    “They (the politicians) are coming to search for us so we can fight,” said a male Mungiki member. Fake Mungiki gangs were being set up, he complained, to get the politicians’ money.

    That echoed allegations from human rights and other groups that politicians were organizing the postelection violence, citing the long history of orchestrated political violence in Kenya.

    Michael Peel, author of a report on gang-plagued Nigeria for British think tank Chatham House, said any alliance between gangs and politicians could spiral out of control.

    In Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta region, gangs have evolved in a few years from stoned young men with flip flops and old rifles to masked militants with body armor and new rocket-propelled grenades. The money they got from politicians has bought them weapons and influence, human rights groups that follow Nigeria say.

    In Kenya, many previously law-abiding citizens say they have turned to the gangs because of the breakdown of law and order.

    Muthoni Mwaura, a Kikuyu woman in her 50s with arthritis so bad she can barely get out of bed, says the violence means Luo tenants in her six slum shacks refuse to pay rent. She cannot buy medicine or food for three orphans she cares for, she said.

    “They are not paying and I am hungry,” she said. “Police demand money to protect you, but Mungiki just want you to join.”

    Gang membership comes with a price. As part of the initiation, the Mungiki demand that female members undergo ritual genital cutting.

    A Mungiki woman in charge of the ritual in part of Mathare slum said she was cutting around five girls a week since the violence started; the whole of last year she cut fewer than 50.

    Sometimes girls had second thoughts, so she locked them in her house to prevent them from escaping, she said.

    Once initiated, it is difficult for men and women to leave the gang alive. Mungiki recruiters say they will kill anyone who tries to leave for fear they will betray gang secrets. There are no reliable estimates on the number of gang members.

    Many Mungiki say they are not yet willing to fight for the government, because the gang is still nursing a grudge over last year’s police crackdown.

    But they say they are loath to turn away new members and money for guns. Some say they have received word the gang will really begin its “work” in February. The Mungiki recruiter said the gang is stockpiling supplies, including food and weapons, for the coming battle.

  114. kenyanentrepreneur
    January 31, 2008 at 8:44 pm


    I have taken sides on this issue and at this point, any ounce of open-mindedness is gone; caput. I will never take Raila or Ruto’s side. This is where I am, others are on the other side and that is their right.

    I am not trying to be neutral on this issue and I have warned readers of this blog not to expect that here. However, as you can see, I am not deleting opposing viewpoints. Let everyone express themselves freely.

    The problem with the other kenyan blogs is that they are PRETENDING to be neutral, but as soon as you oppose their point of view, they’ delete your comments and you just end up with one sided viewpoints, which is not only boring, it’s not real life!

  115. Pitah
    January 31, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    The kind of clashes taking place in RV are no necessarily organized but there is no doubt people were incited by local leaders and by callers to vernacular stations. For Jendayi to visit one camp talk to a few terrified people and conclude that the clashes were organized shows her ignorance. It shows our ignorance too when we quote her.

    You reap what you sow and that is what is happening in Kenya. We’ve had ethnic clashes since 1992. We’ve had organized terror gangs both urban and rural for the past possibly ten years yet both governments that have been in power have co-opted these gangs and used ethnic clashes to achieve political ends instead of clamping down and stamping them out.

  116. T. Fig
    January 31, 2008 at 8:27 pm


    U got it right. They have accomplished one of their main objectives which was to get rid of kyuks in those areas but failed in the second which was to take over the govt. I’m not for folks going back to those areas. Kenya is big and the folks can settled in areas that they(kyuks) are not perceived to be enemies. We can do biz with the kales and luos without ever going to those areas IE one flies in the morning and out by evening. You are also right in making comparisons with the Asian expulsion in UG. Lets be creative and innovative in how we deal with the crises coze if we use the kawaida resolutions we’ll achieve the kawaida results.

  117. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    I think once the peace is restored in kenya, the government needs to take URGENT measures in unifying Kenya as one nation, encouraging nationality before tribe.

    After these past events and once RUTO, MUSA SIRMA, KOSGEY and BARNG’ETYNY are behind bars, the government should discourage vernecular use and encourage either swahili or english.

    I know this sounds like a radicle idea but isn’t the cause of all this tribalism itself?

    TZ has beaten us in this area. They encouraged swahili as a unifying language and most people think of themselves as TZ first, then after chagga, nyamwezi etc.

    The moment we identify ourselves based on tribe, then automatically we have our pre set notions, and discriminations.

    I think the government should gazzette a law to discourage vernecular, that way the future generations will be less tribal.

  118. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 8:15 pm


    Thank u for that legthy post. I feel I’ve seen that email somewhere and It’s just unfortunate that people think that way.

    T FIG,

    This is what you wrote : “The evidence for planned cleansing is available(kyuks completely cleaned out of Kisumu & Eld).The killers called us by our names. They killed us and celebrated their actions. They had been promised the land that we had bought legally. They were promised the businesses we sacrificed for years to built.. They claim we are thieves. They claim that we are cowards. The govt watched as we were killed and the opposition (RO, Ruto & Nitimama) gloated the victories….”

    It just hit me that the planners of this cleasnsing actually acheived their objective.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not they’ll be caught and sent to prison. the sad reality is that Ruto and Co. have actually acheived their objective of ridding Rift Valley (Eldy area ) of kyuks and Non Kalenjins.

    Isn’t this waht happened in UG when Idi Amin expelled the Asian community there under the same pre texts and reasons, while all in all it was due to jealousy ?

    It will take time before kyuks and other displaced communities go back to Rift Valley.
    The consequences will be seen economically first, especially if the Kyuks were engaged in big business there.

    Do you remember how backward UG became when the ASIANS were kicked out ? the africans didn’t have the know how nor the capital to run and expand those businessess. Maybe the same thing will happen in ELDY or Rift Valley.

  119. Don
    January 31, 2008 at 8:10 pm


    the mail you posted has some interesting comments but wreaks with hatred and vitriol which is uncalled for….please sensor…this blog will turn into something analagous to a white supremecist website where people spew posts full of hatred….this is not helping guys.

    T. Fig – when people die everybody loses. i agree the book of the law needs to be thrown at the perpatrators but if you continue to call for the violence to play itself out..you are asking for worse than a Rwanda situation….peace needs to be restored. period. justice will hopefully follow…

  120. WG
    January 31, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    It’s been a while since I visited your blog. You are entitled to your comments, after all, it is your blog. And you are right, we could chose to go elsewhere if we do not like the content.

    My thoughts:
    As one person said, the loss of one life does not justify the loss of another. At the end of the day, KENYANS are dying, KENYANS are getting displaced, families torn apart and the country being plunged into a chaotic mess that will take years to recover from (if ever). The legacy of hatred for our fellow Kenyan people will now continue through the next few generations, unless some sort of miracle occurs. It’s trajic to see folks continue to spew such hate and war mongering here and on other blogs, when we should be “the enlightned ones” looking to spread peace and unity when we need it most. This is no longer about those folks “out there” that are fighting, killing, dying. This could happen to all of our families if this mess continues. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, war and conflict do not know tribe/economic status/age/gender. Anyone and everyone becomes a victim of the violence (even if not directly). The question now becomes, what is to be done to salvage whatever is now left? I keep reading articles, news briefs and blogs, but I can’t help but feel completely helpless about this situation (beyond fundraising and supporting peace talks). Anyone have any other suggestions? Perhaps this is what we should be doing…

  121. Kinoo
    January 31, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    KE – Please have an open mind when it comes to taking any sides. I feel there is probably many Kikuyu’s voted for Raila and vice vasta. Thugs take advantage of chaotic situation and take their frustration on the innocent. This reminds me of Katrina – while most people were escaping the storm, thugs were rooting the electronics stores.

    MZEIYA – I got an email from a friend and it may not have real answers but the hate and venum is clear


    Ladies and Gentlemen (Bigap Kutit),

    I greet you all in the name of Koitalel arap Samoei, our great orkoiyot and Nandi warrior who was assassinated 100 years ago by the British colonialists.

    There is no other time in our history that our unity is more important than today. There is no other time that the existence and livelihood of the Kalenjin people has been threatened, from the time of the colonialists, through the Kenyatta government to Moi’s misrule than is today in the Kibaki administration. The spirit of our great warrior and leader has to be rekindled and passed to all our brothers and sisters across the Kalenjin land. We have to rise and defend our rights just like Koitalel led the resistance 100 years ago in resisting the British invasion. Let me elaborate how the Kibaki administration and the house of Mumbi has systematically marginalized the Kalenjin Community.

    1. Land

    The Kenyatta and Moi administration settled Kikuyu emigrants (occupiers) in the Rift Valley, our land.
    Our forefathers shed tears and blood for the purpose of preserving this heritage for their future off-springs (Kamatusa). The colonialists came and occupied our land after we fought them for a period of 7 years (The longest African resistance to a white man’s rule). At independence, the dominant Kikuyu crafted a law in the constitution specifically for the benefit of their own people.
    That ‘Every Kenyan is free to own property in any part of the country’. With this legal error in our history, their was an exodus of Kikuyus from Central Province to Rift Valley. The Kenyatta government gave them free ‘loans’ to acquire huge chunks of our land without taking into account the interests of the original owners. This land was supposed to revert to the rightful ancestral owners (Kamatusa) at the time of independence. This did not happen.
    This marked the genesis of second occupiers to our land.

    Moi was an accomplice in this injustice. He kept silent in the 60s and 70s as our people were robbed of what is rightfully theirs. He mortgaged our heritage for the sake of a seat that did not benefit us in any way. He perfected this game in 24 years that he has been in power. On ascending to the presidency, more land was still curved for many kikuyus in R. Valley.

    The little crumbs that the Kalenjins were given by Moi in Mau, Likia, Mt. Elgon were taken back when Kibaki came to power. Kimunya called our title deeds PIECES (FAECES) OF PAPER. This is very painful indeed and this has stuck in our hearts and nothing can erase it for generations to come. Nothing can remove this unfortunate stain. We welcomed the OCCUPIERS in R. Valley; we lost so many forests during their reign; they allocated themselves so much productive land at the expense of our brothers and sisters; they insult us by calling us LUMBWA(dogs); they have killed our people; they evicted our people in Mau, Likia and other areas.
    Brethren, arise; this has to come to an end. Kotalel arap Samoei has been re-borned and we have to claim back what rightfully belongs to us; whether by FORCE or by DIPLOMACY. It has come to an EYE FOR AN EYE, A fist for a fist, a leg for a leg.

    2. Education

    At independence, the Kalenjins were systematically marginalized in terms of education. All the resources were channeled to Central province. They claim that we are only good in taking care of cows and goats. That is why they told Moi to go take care of goats as they show us how a country is run; and the idiot still went ahead to support them in last year’s flawed elections. No tangible effort was done to build schools in R. Valley. 90% of School bursaries were reserved to Mt. Kenya region; and still happens till today. Many colleges and universities were constructed in Central and Nairobi region. Many Kikuyus were sent abroad for further learning. Some of the best national schools located in Central province were given adequate facilities while those of hostile regions like R. Valley were ignored. The best teachers were posted to schools in Mt. Kenya region. This continued consistently until Moi took over. Mr. Moi, having been a failure in school hated dealing with educated Kalenjins. He preferred to transact business with ex-prison warders and cattle auctioneers like Barngetuny. Our education continued to suffer during Moi’s time because of poor policies.

    This trend has been revived by the Kibaki administration. The secret is to ensure that we have so many school dropouts which will give rise to insecurity in our areas and investors shying away from such areas. Scrutinize government expenditure on education and bursaries, you will know where lots of money is heading to. This discrepancy has resulted in Mt. Kenya dominating everybody in this country in terms of education. Have you asked yourselves why we have very few professors, doctors, lecturers, dentists, teachers, etc? Apart from Kiptoon, most of the other kalenjin professors are political professors.

    This has to stop. The only people who can stop the kikuyu dominance in this country are the kalenjins.
    We cannot allow ourselves to be trampled upon like other tribes. We must stand up and play the leadership role in liberating our country from the jaws of the kikuyus.

    3. Employment

    Do you need any explanations on this? Name all the parastatals and name the senior employees in those organizations. The names revolve around Mt. Kenya region. How many kalenjins has the Kibaki government sacked? Un-countable. How many has it refused to employ, including Dr. Rotich in KACA? Un-countable.
    If we are all equal in this country why it is that it is only people from one region that get recruited in this country? Are we lesser Kenyans? We cannot allow ourselves to be subjugated in this manner. We belong here and the earlier these kikuyus realize we are serious in our quest by all means, the better.
    This five years will see them bringing in chiefs and sub-chiefs from the Mount Kenya region to lord on us at our village levels; the only remaining government jobs that they have not filled with Mt. Kenya characters. Devolution was to take resources to our regions rather than centralize it in Nairobi. This would have helped our regions to develop and get our brothers and sisters get employed. What did they do?
    They told their people that majimbo means you relocate to your ancestral home. This was never in our ODM’s campaign agenda. We wanted to share resources fairly. They poisoned their people’s minds and now they want to accuse Raila and Rutto of preaching Majimbo of evicting people. That was their interpretation and that is what they told people.
    They are paying for their own sins.

    We advocate for fair employment to all. The Kalenjins have to get their share if peace must prevail in this country.

    4. Commerce/Trade

    Talk of NSE, talk of government supplies, talk of small shops, talk of big shops; they all belong to Kikuyus. Whether in R. Valley, Nyanza, Coast or Kakuma, they are all owned by Kikuyus. Talk of Equity bank, how many kikuyus are being given loans on a daily basis? Equity bought IDB and the government has been channeling loans to their kikuyu brethren without any rigorous procedures. Kwani what is so special with this breed of people for them to own so much? They have greed and arrogance of catastrophic proportions. Again, devolution would have leveled the playing ground of trade. Channeling the resources to regions would have ignited business activities at the regional level. What did they do?
    They stole our votes and decided to maintain the status quo. Imagine what they will do in the next five years if you consider this will be their last term. They have bought most of the government assets through NSE. Brethren, how many millionaires can you identify in R. Valley? How many are there in Central and Mt. Kenya region? Is it by accident that we have less than 10 and they have over 1000? Can’t you see?
    Open your godamn eyes!!! We do not have a future if we don’t rise up now. They are going to buy all that was not bought previously. Their properties have to be brought down for them to see sense. It is the only language they can understand. No more talks.

    5. Infrastructure

    Look at the roads, telecommunication, electricity, water; name them; all the resources for in this sector have been channeled to Mt. Kenya region. From Kipipiri to North Imenti to Mwea to Embu; these guys have built highways, supplied water to their people, supplied electricity, telephone lines, dug boreholes, etc. The allocation in the national budget is heavily skewed towards their regions. This is all about resources. Moi was extremely ignorant and useless. He stole from us and did deals with these guys. He enriched himself so much; he is always ready to sacrifice his own people for his own benefits. Back to Mt. Kenya paradise; what you guys need to understand is that all this is about resource distribution. If these guys were able to do what they did in 5 years, what will they not do in the next 5 years. They are equipping their region as they steal from us. That is why they cannot listen to resource devolution.

    Do you need any further education? Of course not.
    The list of inequalities is so long and you must be having one of your own. As if this was not enough, they stole our votes and asked us to do what we think we can do. That is right guys, ‘Do what you think you can do if you are man enough’. We have done what we were challenged to do since we are not small boys and girls. We shall still do what we think we can do as long as we are claiming for what is ours. If any of us (gotab kalenjin), God forbid, betrays our course we shall not only eliminate him/her, but their entire linage. We shall also invoke our kalenjin CURSE in ensuring that the individual and all their generation shall not live.

    We started by identifying our fighting spirit with the spirit of Koitalel arap Samoei (God rest his soul in eternal peace). This spirit still lives today.
    This spirit is about the kalenjin’s spirit of NEVER SAY DIE even in times of adversity. Our God will deliver us to Canaan from the current mistreatment.
    We shall not lose focus of where we are going and what we want. We shall not allow ourselves to be among the meek and the submissive in this country because Kibaki says so. We shall say what we want to say and do what we want to do.

    It is 100 years since the great warrior and leader of the Kalenjin died. He left a mark in the history of this country and the rest of the world: ‘The longest African Resistance to a White Man’s Rule’.
    That should always be our rallying MOTTO as a people. The man will always be our hero and source of inspiration. If Koitalel could resist the inventor of the GUN for 7 years, how can we succumb to MISUSERS of the GUN when we have also gotten access to them? Let our spirit not die brothers and sisters. A century after our great Orkoiyot died, another great Kalenjin son has been born unto us.
    Coincidentally, he is called by the same name of the great leader: SAMOEI. This great son of ours belongs to the age group of KAPLELACH. Our fore fathers predicted that during this age group, the world will either SURVIVE or PERISH. This prophecy has to come to pass. It is this age group that will deliver our people from the jaws of the PYTHON (KIBAKI). I call upon all of us to remain steadfast in giving him total support. Their strength in parliament yesterday shows what determination and unity can achieve.

    We have been receiving threatening messages via sms from our brothers and sisters the kikuyus. They are interested in looking for us and our off-springs in Nairobi for elimination. These people cannot steal from us our democratic right and threaten violence upon us. It would amount to double tragedy. We SHALL NOT allow this to happen and the earlier they get to know it the better. Nairobi City is in Rift Valley; the name Nairobi in itself is Maasai (who are our
    Cousins) and it means a place with water. We will never succumb to their threats. We shall defend ourselves and our interests to the bitter end. If they want to bring clashes to Nairobi, they can go ahead. They will regret why they ever started it in the first place. We urge our people to ensure that every family is fully equipped with our normal tools; if we can afford, ferry two warriors from upcountry fully armed and house them until we have this thing sorted out. It is imperative that we fully deal with the house of Mumbi. NAIROBI WILL EITHER BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NONE OF US. The house of MUMBI should realize that this country is not ruled through threats but by engaging the other partners. We did not start this war, they started it and the ONLY WAY TO END IT IS TO HAVE THE THIEF



  122. T. Fig
    January 31, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    The evidence of rigging by both camps is out! The evidence for planned cleansing is available(kyuks completely cleaned out of Kisumu & Eld).The killers called us by our names. They killed us and celebrated their actions. They had been promised the land that we had bought legally. They were promised the businesses we sacrificed for years to built.. They claim we are thieves. They claim that we are cowards. The govt watched as we were killed and the opposition (RO, Ruto & Nitimama) gloated the victories. Many of you call for peace- very selfish but human. There will never be clashes ever again, after the oncoming battle. Just because they started doesn’t mean they have any say about end. They might win, but everybody will have to bury their kinsmen and experience the pain of death and destruction. War is cruel but the more cruel it is the faster it ends(ask the Brits). The only way out of this is not peace but the arrests of those involved- but not from a soft and nonchalant govt. Justice before peace!

  123. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 6:20 pm


    You seem to be burning with hate toward the kikuyus, kwani did a kikuyu nyandua your wife ama what coz that anger…….eh..

    I have one question that needs someone with a clear and sober analysis to answer.

    Kyuks have been ethnically cleansed from Rift Valley. The Kalenjins feel that the land is theirs (Kale’s that is) by virtue of their ancestors, yaani waliachiwa na mababu zao.

    They feel kyuks are there to take their land and all.

    Now, my question is, si the Kales were in power for 24 years? the longest ever for a single tribe to be at the helm ? and EVEN THO KIBAKI HAS BEEN PRESI for 5 years, I’m sure the kyuks living in Rift Valley lived there way before that.

    So if you guys could not “help yourselves” or uplift your way of live to be more productive or wealtheir when you guys had an advantage thru MOI, then why are u thinking it will be any different in a Kibaki government ?

    I think Kales just hate kyuks period! as for the reason for their hate..I dunno, your guess is as good as mine, maybe wivu, maybe some other historical beef…

  124. Simba
    January 31, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Kevoh, I am sorry but that is just not true. Not all other Kenyans love Raila. I am not Kikuyu and I have no “love” for Raila. He is not my personal lord and savior, and I know plenty of non-Kikuyu Kenyans whom do not love Raila either. He is a political nomad and a complete opportunist, which may be great as a politician, but I do not even respect him as a human being let alone “LOVE” him as a leader of the masses.

    *End Rant*

  125. kevoh
    January 31, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    KE there is a major fact that all kenyans know right now. IF YOU HATE RAILA THEN YOU ARE A KIKUYU.

    If you dont then you are any of the 41 other tribes remaining. Your hate will KILL you

  126. ommo1
    January 31, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    This website seems to be run or backed by pro-pnu supporters as their counter propaganda tool to Kumekucha, I have been to this blog twice and honestly the guys that run it have no clue what they be talkin about.
    It is a mere waste of precious minutes, no news worthy entries, I mean who cares about how a Kalenjin looks like-see right there is some tribal stuff.
    this blog is as extinct as a dodo bird!

  127. RAILA
    January 31, 2008 at 5:59 pm



  128. nyamachoma
    January 31, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    This is for Mteja!
    You seem excited that kikuyus are revenging?? That is not revenge..First of all they were given time by jangoz to leave, and their lives were spared i.e in Kisumu
    Of course their asses were whooped in NB.But after the kale MP’s murder, u keep yr eyes open and good luck in yr optimism for the “kikuyu’s target” or achievement..So u call that achievement??HA!
    I wish u could think straighter..Kalez are not pple to mess with.keep blaming Ruto and Raila..but Kibaki is behind all this and he sure is a dead man walking!You kikuyus think you are ‘everything’..shikeni adabu this time!

  129. KE
    January 31, 2008 at 5:27 pm


    The policeman was a Kisii and the woman with Kimutai was also shot. It’s pretty clear that some people are taking advantage of this chaos and are using it to settle their own personal political scores.

    I think they’re a lot of new readers here who have been locked out of Mashada’s forum and who are frankly, not used to reading blogs that are pro-kibaki (because so many of them are pro-raila).

    It is very clear how this crisis has progressed:

    Stage 1:
    Election results are announced and the Kalenjin gangs in the rift valley swing into action; in 2 days 500,000 people are displaced.
    Raila then tells his supporters not to fight Kisii’s (forgets quite conveniently to add Kikuyu’s to this statement).

    Stage 2:
    Kikuyu’s begin to retaliate and the violence gets worse for BOTH sides (not just one side).

    Stage 3:
    Raila and Ruto realize that the international community has figured out that the ethnic cleansing was planned and they are not going to come to ODM’s aid because of this.

    Stage 4:
    This is where we are now. Kibaki must quell the violence, but he eventually has to go after the people who planned this and destroy that network or in the very least, give them a very severe warning that this behavior will not be tolerated in the future. He simply cannot let the planners of this violence get away with it.

    I amazed at how many people are just brushing away the most banal issue of this campaign. It’s not the rigging. It’s the pre-planning of the violence.


    I will never rethink the things I am writing. The criticism does not faze me one bit and I will also not go back to writing about business while this issue is going on. If you don’t like the sentiments expressed here, then you too are welcome to visit other blogs.

  130. ciiku
    January 31, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    Eh, KE – I thing you really need to re-think the things you are writing on your blog. Tafadhali? People are dying, losing their homes, businesses, etc. Promoting violence, revenge/retaliation, tribalism really does not help anyone.

    Please go back to writing about business and making money.

  131. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    TZ has been absolutely quiet. That’s where my suspicions came in. They would have at least said the politically correct, safe and generic statement being used , which is ” We encourage all sides to facilitate peace, blah blah blah….”

    aint nothing wrong with that. As much as I don’t want to, I’m forced to agree that there is some rejoicing in this neighbor due to our afflictions.

    There’s absolutely no way you can keep quiet in the midst of this crisis.

    By saying something or showing concern, it does not mean you are all up in our biz. I understand Museveni came up all in your face type of attitude, which doesn’t have to be the way TZ would do it.

    Bit surely, don’t they care ?

  132. Don
    January 31, 2008 at 4:27 pm


    i think in general it is ill advised for neighbouring countries to become overly involved in each others internal issues if unless it is for promoting peace and cooperation. See what happened when Museveni started speaking out in favor of the kibaki government and claims of UG troops in Kenya started to surface…there was anger and uproar even in UG itself…less things have caused wars between countries…I have heard the sentiment that Kenyans were perceived as arrogant and other EA countries are basking in the tragedy happening in Kenya… I doubt that sentiment from the vast majority of EA citizens but there will always be those exceptions….I think they know for their own stability, unrest and violence in Kenya is not good for them..after all tribes traverse geographical boundaries and they know what happened in kenya could easily happen to them…it is not in their best interest to do nothing as well as do too much in terms of taking sides…so TZ perhaps just doesn’t want to get overly involved…and wisely so..allowing Mkapa to be their face in the mediation process. But I do agree, more in terms of humanitarian aid and support needs to flow from our EA partners. If it is happening I haven’t heard much about it….

  133. Anonymous
    January 31, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    You are beyond the king of nuts. Since when did Kenyans start believing in what cops say? Kwani where do you live?

  134. richnpoor
    January 31, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Assassination or crime of passion, it happened at the wrong time. It’s about time we ask ourselves what do we believe to be right or wrong n’ not what the police or the politicians say. It’s about time to realize we can’t go back to the things were . The ways of the past was just but fooling ourselves and hiding uchafu under the carpet. It’s time to be ready for the ultimate sacrifice coz the worst is yet to pass. It is payback time for crime that have been committed since independence.

  135. cicero
    January 31, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    does anyone know the tribe of the policeman that killed David Too? it could be pointer as to whether it was an isolated crime or a political hit.

  136. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 3:36 pm

    just to divert the topic a bit.

    HAS anyone noticed some of our neighbor’s silence during our crisis…and in particular TZ ?

    I mean we’re supposed the East African Community and when one has a crisis, the neighbor is supposed to help in resolving the crisis.

    At least Museveni said something, Kagame too, albeit contoversial. But what about Tanzania ?

    These guys silence is suspect. It’s not secret that TZ has never been a fan of kenya for whatever reasons. But this crisis is beyond petty rivalries. Nothing has come out of Kikwete. Benjamin Mkapa is in kenya as an eminent person in his own capacity and not as a representative of TZ or an envoy sent by Kikwete.

    Personally, I think TZ is quietly happy that kenya has fallen on such hard times. I think they are quite happy to see kenya go down this way and they couldn’t be more happier. I mean, why the silence ? even in kenya, when your neighbor gets atacked or undergoes a crisis, you are obligated to help.

    But shock will be on TZ. Iknow for sure kenyans in general, whatever part of the political divide you fall, whether PNU or ODM or ODM-K, are fed up with the violence and with the lack of leadership from all corners.

    I’m sure this kenyan resolve of not allowing the political leaders to hijack our progress will manifest itself soon. It may take time but it will happen.

    And I’m sure when that happens, Kenya will emerge even stronger than before both economically and politically.

    any thoughts on the TZ silence ?

  137. peter
    January 31, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    your comments and way of thinking are the reason why Kenya has been taken a step backward. if there were more people who thought like you Kenya would be another rwanda.

    I do not like the way Kibaki and Raila style of politics. And neither do most people. But we do have to pick one and vote for them until something better comes along. Maybe you are right about what Kibaki’s and Raila’s plans are and may not be out of your mind.

    What it does make you is pretty stupid, feeble minded to be in support of such actions. If all members of your tribe thought the way you do then maybe genocide is not such a bad thing. But i would like to believe they do not. There are many people out there who would like to think you do so avoid making the comments you do. It inspires anger that is misdirected.

  138. Peace
    January 31, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    KE, be very careful what you wish for. JFK in his inaugural speech said this,
    “we offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin anew the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction. 11
    We dare not tempt them with weakness. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.”

    I bet you are some place overseas hidden behind a keyboard trying to instigate and perpetrate, my question to you, “Will you be willing to bear arms when the time calls for it?

    “Expletive” imbecile. Enough said.

  139. Don
    January 31, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    E:(formaly known as KE in my eyes as I see that your K is not Kenyan but something else)

    …KENYANS are getting killed….I don’t see you mentioning it…you seem to only be interested in the kiuks who were killed by kales……

    KENYANS…i.e kiuks, Luos, Kale’s, Lugha’s etc are being butchered like animals all over……I agree those who perpertrated violence need to be brough to the book whether it is Ruto, Raila, Kibaki, Michuki or whoever…but by insisting that Ruto and Raila are guilty of killing without any proof can we please tone down the rhetoric…I am not naive in thinking attacks in RV aginst kuiks weren’t organized…neither I am naive in thinking the attacks by Kuiks against jengs and Luhyas weren’t organized….there are hidden hands behind this…if you read Jendayi Frazier’s full statement she was referring to what she had witnessed when she visited Kenya which was prior to the “reprisal” attacks…the rest of her statement briefal mentioned reprisals but didn’t allude it to being organized but we all know the infamous mungiki is at work…

    For those people like you who call for violence…unfortuntely those who live by the sword…die by the sword…I think you need to watch “100 Days” a documentary about the Rwanda genocide (if you have not already, but I doubt you have given your call for more violence) and witness how hate speech like that which you continue to spread fueled the already burning fire of hatred that continued the cycle of violence that turned ordinary citizens into murderers….the killing is cyclic…and the reprisals you bay for, will just fuel more reprisals on the other side and vice versa….if you don’t see that…God be with you…and God be with your family and may they *not* be subject to that same violence…

    that’s why we need to all STOP the cycle….however angry and disappointed we are in our leaders..and preach PEACE…it starts with every PATRIOTIC KENYAN…

    …as much as leaders have power over people, every human being has the prerogative of choice,,,to vote, to love…to kill….if you both can’t see past the fact that people are choosing to kill by their own volition (out of anger, greed, tribalism etc) and keep blaming leaders…you need to wake up.

  140. CO
    January 31, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    KE, I can only ask you this then, if Raila and Ruto are the planners of this chaos, why aren’t they in jail? I ask again why aren’t they in jail? Did Raila and Ruto also deploy mungiki? Tell you what, i am open minded about these things, you come up with some proof as to how Raila and Ruto planned this. Then after you come up with this proof, explain why Kibaki’s regime hasn’t arrested them both.
    *Please address my questions or don’t bother replying to my post.*

  141. KE
    January 31, 2008 at 1:57 pm


    I am not out of my mind. Raila Odinga and William Ruto are the one’s who are out of their minds. They planned the routing of half a million people from their homes with machete’s pointed at their heads and now all of you people are saying that we should just “talk peace”. What the hell does that mean??

    As jendaya frazer said, this ethnic cleansing was planned and there has to be retribution for that kind of violence (Koffi Annan said the same – the people who planned this cannot just walk free).

    Don’t you people understand the legal concept of justice?? it is important for the victims, but it is also important to send a message to those who may try to do this again. They must know, that they will be reprecussions if they try. The reason it went on again is because these people got away with this in 1992 and in 1997.

    Time’s up for them and enough is finally enough. These kalenjins cannot be allowed to keep killing Kikuyu’s like this (never, ever, ever).

  142. Mteja
    January 31, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Nyamachoma and Mzeiya,
    Let me tell you both that leaders are responsible for the war in the country, so they should too taste what other Kenyans are feeling about it, so can kenyans see “death sychophants” they tend to be remorseful when leaders die but happy when ordinary Kenyans die.
    You two you should stop feeling like politicians but embark on your ordinary status.
    Finally, the Kiuks had been beaten in the past one month, but when history applies kiuks dont react instantly,and now that you know they want to revenge you are calling for peace, please kiuks first achieve your target before peace can be achieved.

  143. Don
    January 31, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    I hate to say KE but you are out of your mind…and you are just as bad if not worse than anybody perpetrating violence by continuing to spread hate, finger pointing and suspicion! Shame on you KE! Please stop using your blog to spread innuendo, lies and further division. Maybe you could start using your blog to promote PEACE and dialog amongst Kenyan tribes. People like you really don’t realize there is no KENYA without ALL tribes : Kisii, Maasai, Kalenjin, Luo, Kikuyu etc….I think despite the leaders on both sides not going about it in the best way…they both understand that….the earlier you start adjusting your thinking the more quickly we can start healing our country. yes you have the prerogative to say what you like on your blog, but if you *cared* about Kenya you would drop the worthless rhetoric and attacks. If not please remove the Kenya from your name and replace it with what you care about!

  144. Anonymous
    January 31, 2008 at 1:35 pm


    You’re blind or an idiot. Probably both. Luckily your opinions dont change the facts. If they help you sleep at night and avoid the fact that your guy Kibaki rigging an election resulted in violence then good for you.

    I assure you, for many in Kenya, sleep will not come as easily without that mistake being first corrected. Even the Americans whom you purpot are ‘now with Kibaki’ realise that and hence the reason they acknowledge that the only solution is a mediated one. If Kofi Annan leaves without sorting out the mess Kibaki has unleashed, God help Kenya.

    The political miscalution was with Kibaki/Michuki thinking the country would sweep this under the carpet like Arturs, Anglo-leasing, Standard raid, etc. They have rattled a snake that stretches across the country (i.e. the Rift Valley) and its bite is being felt across the entire East-African sub-continent.

  145. AG
    January 31, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    The truth, Kenyans have to be the most stupid people on the planet, Raila and Kibaki are rich crony capitalists, period. Do you think Kibaki cares about the Kikuyu peasansts and slum dwellers dying? No, because they are just peasants, paisan! End of story, same thing with Raila. I’m amazed at the vitriol and hate from both sides on all these blogs, do you really think you have anything in common with a rich and powerful man with the means and ways to ferry his family to safety whilst yours is being slaughtered? For being as stupid as we are, perhaps we deserve this, prayers to all our families but all of you wake up and stop talking out of your asses!!!!

  146. kenyanentrepreneur
    January 31, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Let me tell both of you where the analysis of this crisis should begin. It should begin from the point when, it was discovered, that the violence in the rift valley was PRE-PLANNED.

    Once it became clear that there was a plan to ethnically cleanse that part of Kenya, all bets were off (in terms of where people like Kibaki and Michuki stand).

    How in good conscience can you negotiate or even work with, people who have planned these kinds of acts?? It is the reason I have said, that Raila’s alliance with the Kalenjins has now become his greatest political mistake.

    I know the U.S. government is now backing away from Jendaya’s statement on ethnic cleansing, but believe me….privately, America is now with Kibaki on this issue (nobody pays attention to those state department spokes people any way).

    Even if you believe that Kibaki rigged, you must now accept this terrible alliance that Raila formed. It was a terrible political miscalculation that has now worked in Kibaki’s favor.

  147. MZEIYA
    January 31, 2008 at 1:22 pm


    I agree with u about the government slackening arresting the alleged perpetrators of these incidents of viilence.

    This Kimutai shooting, baffles me. Maybe it was really a love triangle.We’ll need more information on what kind of MP this guy was. How long has he been an MP ? Is a freshman MP?

    How old was he ? Was he a moderate ODM MP or was he hardliner like RUTO ? yOU HAVE to look at history to answer and understand these happenings.

    It could also totally be non-political, maybe ilikuwa bahati yake mbaya to be caught with someone’s woman.

    However, the story is that he was on a motorbike and he killed this guy while driving ? Now, Mr Kimutai Too was also in his car driving ?

    If that’s the official version, then that’s suspiciuos, coz this cop would have to be quite a sharp shooter and have good balance to shoot while driving a mo bike. we know these things happen in movies but in reality it’s a differnt story.

    Also, if the guy-kimutai was shot and killed, did the woman suffer any injuries since she was in the car too ? did the car loose control ?

    maybe I didn’t get the facts straight, but I’ll look at them again.

    As for Were, I still suspect it was an ODM hit to teach the other “independent” minded MP’s a lesson.

    I need more info on this Mr kimutai to rule out any foul play. How was his relationship with RUTO. Was it strained ? was he gaining more popularity than RUTO ? did he oppose RUTO’s agendas in private ? I dunno, but if any of these answers are yes, he may have been in trouble.

    or again, maybe it was just his day of bad luck

  148. Anonymous
    January 31, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    However much you hate Raila/Ruto, don’t you think its more important to use your blog to help the healing (by addressing the root cause of the problem – rigged elections, land disputes, income disparity) than fuelling the hatred.

    For every ounce of hate you add to Raila-haters through your comments you also add an ounce of hate for Kibaki by Raila-lovers. The only people that believe your anti-raila propaganda are people who don’t need convincing, i.e. people who already hated Raila. Neutrals dismiss you as PNU and pro-Kibaki, i.e. biased. Pro-Raila’s do the same and hate you/Kibaki more.

    The same goes for pro-Raila die-hards. The only differece is Kibaki has proven his critics right: broken IPPG promises, going against agreed MOU, broken election promises (no new constitution, judiciary is the same as before i.e. corrupt and pro-govt, etc), Artur brothers, Anglo-leasing, raiding a media hse, rigged election, elitism (the 6% may be true but its only the rich getting richer as poverty and unemployment rates increase).

    I’m a neutral btw, I dislike both Raila and Kibaki but I’m not blind. Facts are Facts. The only thing that makes me give Raila the benefit of doubt is this: If he is guilty of inciting violence and genocide (as the govt and its supporters are convinced he is, even with ‘hard evidence’ in some cases), shouldn’t they arrest him? Lack of action on the govt’s part means they are either lying (i.e. cannot prove their allegations), complicit or incompetent. Either way they should be removed.

  149. nyamachoma
    January 31, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    I did not even finish reading yr mail, but how dumb could u be to say Raila’s comments about the two ODM MPs deaths is crazy! you are the crazy one! face it…those are political assasinations trying to finish ODM!
    Keep in mind that kikuyus are dying like flies n they are still yet to die!
    Ruto and Raila are not thugs! kibaki is the thug trying to organize these acts of assasination.You must have gotten it all twisted! kalez have swept yr kikuyu asses in the past, n they are yet to do that again! Thats the sad part..look at yr pple dying n stop calling names the safe politicians..where are yr pple?????

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