The Growing “skills” Gap in India…

From the NYT:

As its technology companies soar to the outsourcing skies, India is bumping up against an improbable challenge. In a country once regarded as a bottomless well of low-cost, ready-to-work, English-speaking engineers, a shortage looms. India still produces plenty of engineers, nearly 400,000 a year at last count. But their competence has become the issue. A study commissioned by a trade group, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, or Nasscom, found only one in four engineering graduates to be employable. The rest were deficient in the required technical skills, fluency in English or ability to work in a team or deliver basic oral presentations.

I had a post about Indian outsourcing employee’s a couple of weeks ago. In that post, I complained about the customer service skills I encountered from these employee’s (I believe I said they were “robotic”and lacked that personal touch)

I also said that because I was unhappy with the kind of service I was getting from the Indians, I had decided to start using outsourcing professionals from Eastern Europe. The difference was stark. The Eastern Europeans had better command of both written and verbal English and their customer service skills were far superior. The study below, has simply clarified something that I had noticed a long time ago. However, the author of the article has yet to realize that the Eastern Europeans are going to gradually chip away at the indian outsourcing industry. For example, after discovering the Eastern Europeans, I will never use an Indian again –I have nothing against Indians per se, but I’ve just had too many bad experiences with them. So, I’m sticking with the sons & daughters of the Baltic Sea. They’re giving me what I want and they’re making sure I stay happy.

Skills Gap

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