This Documentary is Unbelievable

Once again, the BBC reporters come through with their reporting. This time, it’s a documentary on the CIA’s rendition program. What is it? After 9/11, the CIA decided that they were going to “take the fight” to the “terrorists” and Rumsfeld and Bush came up this special program. Essentially, a group of CIA agents would fly into select European cities where these “terrorists” were living, abduct them off the streets, sedate them and put them on a plane to a Middle Eastern country that would torture them, all in an effort to gather additional information on any terror networks (America couldn’t bring them to the states since they don’t cough, cough…torture).

Since this was supposed to be a top secret operation, the courts were not involved and there was no due process. The CIA would just fly into a European country {that had given them landing rights}, they’d sweep in and literally abduct their suspects off the streets. However, the CIA run into problems when they started abducting the wrong people! (innocent Arabs who happened to have European citizenship and who had no connection to terrorist organizations) — this documentary highlights what happened after that.

Bush and Rumsfeld must have gotten this idea straight from the Israeli secret service (The Mossad)– They’ve been known to frequently kidnap and kill Palestinian exiles living in Europe, without regard to the rule of law or anything else.

Another reason I’m posting this is because the CIA is beginning to move these suspects to willing African countries like Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi, the president of Ethiopia, has decided to become Bush’s poodle). Why is the CIA moving to Africa? This secret program is now becoming public and it’s infuriated the Europeans who don’t like Bush or his tactics. In fact, I recall reading a story in the Standard where this Kenyan/Somali woman was abducted and sent to a prison in Ethiopia, then diverted to Somalia and eventually released when they discovered she was innocent.

I hope the Kenyan government doesn’t get suckered into Bush’s warped view of the world (we do have a tendency to bow down to all mzungu’s and it’s very unfortunate).

Anyway, watch this documentary. You’ll be stunned (Bush is totally out of his mind)

***Youtube removed the video, but you can still watching it by clicking on this link and downloading it to your realplayer: Mystery Flights 

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